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function S = statscounters(names)
% Create a structure for statsfunhelper to record counters in manopt
% function S = statscounters(name)
% function S = statscounters(names)
% The input can either be one string containing a chosen name for a
% counter, or a cell containing multiple strings designating multiple
% counters. The names must be valid field names for Matlab structures.
% The output is a structure S. For each input string, S contains a field
% with that name. That field contains a function handle. Calling that
% function with appropriate inputs (problem, x, stats, store) returns the
% value of the counter saved in store and whose name is the field name.
% This manopt tool is meant to be used in conjunction with incrementcounter
% and with statsfunhelper. In the examples folder of the toolbox, the
% example named using_counters demonstrates how to use this feature.
% See also: statscounter statsfunhelper using_counters
% This file is part of Manopt:
% Original author: Nicolas Boumal, July 27, 2018.
% Contributors:
% Change log:
% If we receive only one string as input, place it in a cell so that
% the rest of this function's code works the same in both cases.
if ischar(names)
names = {names};
assert(iscell(names), ['names must be either one string, or a ' ...
'cell of strings. Each string must be a ' ...
'valid field name for structures.']);
for k = 1 : numel(names)
name = names{k};
assert(isvarname(name) || iskeyword(name), ...
'Each input string must be a valid structure field name.');
S.(name) = @(problem, x, stats, store) ...
getcountervalue(problem, x, stats, store, name);
function val = getcountervalue(problem, x, stats, store, name) %#ok<INUSL>
if isfield(store.shared, name)
val = store.shared.(name);
val = 0;
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