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Contributing to Surprise

Pull requests are always welcome! Before submitting a new pull request, please make sure that:

  • Your code is clean, pythonic, well commented and also well documented (see below for building the docs).
  • The tests are passing. Also, write some tests for the changes you're proposing. If you're not willing to write tests, it's best not to submit a PR (it's just a waste of time for everyone).
  • Your code follows PEP 8 as much as possible. Coding style is automatically checked when tests are run. About line length: it's best to respect to 80 columns constraint, but tests will pass as long as the length is less than 88.
  • For new prediction algorithms or similarity metrics, please submit a relevent benchmark outlining the performance of the new feature (in terms of accuracy, computation time, etc.). You can take a look at examples/benchmarks for inspiration.

Set up

It's highly recommended to use a virtual environment. All the packages needed for the development of Surprise (sphinx, flake8, etc...) can be installed by running

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Then, you can install your local copy of the repo:

pip install -e .

Any change to the code should now be immediately reflected during execution. If you're modifying Cython code (.pyx files), you'll need to compile the code in order to see the chanes. This can be achieved by running pip install -e . again.

Running and writing tests

Our testing tool is pytest. Running the tests is as simple as running


in the root directory.

For writing new tests, check out pytest getting started guide and / or take inspiration from the current tests in the tests directory.

Building the docs locally

The docs can be compiled with

cd doc
make html

You can check the results in doc/build/html. Please make sure that the docs compile without errors. Run make clean from time to time in order to avoid hidden warnings. You can check spelling mistakes by running

make spelling

Legit words that are not recognized can be added in the source/spelling_wordlist.txt file.