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FDart: Dart for Forms Developper

Coming from Oracle Forms and wanting to write RIA database applications ? FDart is designed for you. Checks the FDart features below to get conviced.

NOTE: FDart is under development and not ready yet.

FDart Feature (for Forms User)

  • Block / Column / Triggers are similar in FDart
  • A single language for client / server side
  • Most actions performed on client side
  • Table, Query, and others (XML,HTTP) Block datasource available.
  • A simple FDart forms:

Simple Sample:

This sample fully manage data of the MODEL table. HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> FDart Sample

Hello world from FDart!

Dart Code


main() { CForm Form=new CForm("TEST"); Form.init().then( ( bool status) { Form.GO_BLOCK("MODEL"); Form.EXECUTE_QUERY(); } );

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