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RSS feed reader for Python 3.


  • Support for RSS, Atom and JSON feeds
  • Background synchronization
  • Caching and resizing of image embedded in feeds
  • Removal of tracking pixels
  • Grouping of feeds with tags
  • Multi-users
  • MIT licensed

Hosted service

A free hosted version runs Feedsubs at, it is the easiest way to start using the software without installing anything.

Development guide

Feedsubs is a typical Django project, anyone familiar with Django will feel right at home. It requires:

  • Python 3.6+
  • Postgresql database
  • Redis server for background tasks


git clone
cd feedsubs/
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .[dev]
touch .env  # Put SECRET_KEY=foo and DB_PASSWORD=foo there migrate runserver

Background task workers can be started with: spinach


Feedsubs is a feed reader primarily focused toward large multi-users installations, it may not be the easiest choice to host as a personal reader. That being said, Docker makes it simple to deploy:

  • Make your own settings module based on feedsubs/settings/
  • docker run -d -v path/to/ -e DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=my_settings -p 8000:8000 nicolaslm/feedsubs waitress
  • Serve the port 8000 through a reverse proxy like nginx or caddy

Users can also deploy Feedsubs with pip instead of Docker:

pip install feedsubs[prod] waitress