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Sauna is a lightweight daemon designed to run health checks and send the results to a monitoring server.

Sauna comes batteries included, it is able run many system checks (load, memory, disk...) as well as monitor applications (redis, memcached, puppet...). It is easily extensible to include your own checks and can even run the thousands of existing Nagios plugins.


You can install it with pip:

pip install sauna

See the documentation for other installation methods.


Documentation for sauna is available at


Plugins are optional modules that provide a set of checks. You only opt-in for the plugins that make sense for your setup. Available plugins are:

  • Load average
  • Memory and swap usage
  • Disk partition usage
  • Processes and file descriptors
  • Redis
  • External command
  • Puppet agent
  • Postfix
  • Memcached
  • HTTP servers


Consumers on the other hand provide a way for checks to be processed by a monitoring server. Available consumers are:

  • NSCA
  • HTTP
  • TCP server
  • Stdout


Sauna is written in Python 3. Adding a check plugin or a consumer should be straightforward. Clone the repository and install it in development mode in a virtualenv:

pip install -e .

The code base follows pep8, test the code for compliance with:

pep8 sauna tests

Run the test suite:


More information about how to contribute are available on the development guide.