An OctoAlert device inpired by the TV show "The Octonauts"
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An OctoAlert device inspired by the TV show "The Octonauts"

You can found more informations here :

Project IDE

I use Eclipse CDT with the plug-in "Arduino C++ IDE" -> See

Project structure

  • .project the eclipse project description
  • .cproject the eclipse C project description
  • .settings/ some eclipse variables
  • sd-card/ The content of the micro-SD card inserted into the mp3 shield
    • It contains some mp3 files but I cannot share that here because theses sounds are under some copyright protections.
    • So you have to create your own mp3 files.
    • Files names are :
      • Alert1.mp3
      • Captain1.mp3
      • CntDown1.mp3
      • Kwazii1.mp3
      • Peso1.mp3
      • Tweak1.mp3
    • You can put files with 1-9 as the last char and the application will play them sequentially for each button push.
  • libraries/ a copy of the Arduino library that I use for my project
  • src/ My sources files