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A private & secured app blog for connected families, based on Angular 2 and Ionic 2.
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A private & secured social blog for connected families, based on Angular 2 and Ionic 2


Babyblog App project was born with the wish to give families with new-born child a simple and direct way to keep in touch and stay connected to their relatives, sharing pictures, videos or links. As a newly daddy, I was the first (and happy !) user of this app. I hope you will enjoy using it too :)

This project currently runs with Angular 2 and Ionic 2.

Babyblog App is connected to a web-based blog available here, through a REST Api.

You can see a live demo running here.

Babyblog App Preview


Additionnaly, before you can test the Babyblog App locally, you will need to install and run locally the Django based app server, which interact with the Babyblog App through a REST Api.

Quick start

With above requirements & setup statisfied, you can easily clone this project and start playing:

npm install

You will also need to add a src/config/environment-dev.ts file with following content:

export const ENV = {
  PRODUCTION   : false,
  API_URL_API  : 'http://<HOST_ADRESSE:PORT>/api/',
  AUTH_URL     : 'http://<HOST_ADRESSE:PORT>/o',
  GRANT_TYPE_PASSWORD : 'password',
  GRANT_TYPE_REFRESH  : 'refresh_token'

For local development, your <HOST_ADRESSE:PORT> could possibly be localhost:8000 (ie default address for Django dev server).

Finally, run the integrated ionic server with:

ionic serve --browser "google chrome"

Improvments in the pipeline

  • Signup
  • Multiblogs
  • Invitations from user
  • App settings
  • Update profile
  • Infinite scroll for posts
  • Remove account
  • Pushs notif (Firebase ?)
  • Sound notification when posting message / comment
  • Off-line mode


Any suggestion and / or improvment's idea is welcome !

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