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Interaction in JS buffers

Indium comes with a minor mode called indium-interaction-mode for interactive programming. To enable it in all JavaScript buffers, add something like the following to your Emacs configuration:

(require 'indium)
(add-hook 'js-mode-hook #'indium-interaction-mode)

When indium-interaction-mode is on, you can evaluate code, inspect objects and add or remove breakpoints from your buffers.

Evaluating and inspecting

Here's a list of available keybindings:

  • C-x C-e: Evaluate the JavaScript expression preceding the point.
  • C-M-x: Evaluate the innermost function enclosing the point.
  • C-c M-i: Inspect the result of the evaluation of an expression (see :ref:`inspector`).
  • C-c M-:: Prompt for an expression to evaluate and inspect.
  • M-x indium-eval-buffer: Evaluate the entire buffer.
  • M-x indium-eval-region: Evaluate the current region.

Switching to the REPL buffer

Press C-c C-z from any buffer with indium-interaction-mode turned on to switch back to the REPL buffer (see :ref:`repl`).

Adding and removing breakpoints

You need to first make sure that Indium is set up correctly to use local files (see :ref:`general_configuration`).

  • C-c b b: Add a breakpoint
  • C-c b c: Add a conditional breakpoint
  • C-c b k: Remove a breakpoint
  • C-c b t: Toggle a breakpoint
  • C-c b K: Remove all breakpoints from the current buffer
  • C-c b e: Edit condition of a breakpoint
  • C-c b l: List all breakpoints and easily jump to any breakpoint
  • C-c b d: Deactivate all breakpoints (the runtime won't pause when hitting a breakpoint)
  • C-c b a: Activate all breakpoints (it has no effect if breakpoints have not been deactivated)

The left fringe or margin can also be clicked to add or remove breakpoints.

Once a breakpoint is set, execution will stop when a breakpoint is hit, and the Indium debugger pops up (see :ref:`debugger`).

Since Indium 0.7, breakpoints are supported in source files with an associated sourcemap, see :ref:`sourcemaps`.


Breakpoints are persistent: if the connection is closed, when a new connection is made Indium will attempt to add back all breakpoints.