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The inspector

Indium features an object inspector that can be open on any object reference from a REPL buffer (see :ref:`repl`), the debugger (see :ref:`debugger`), or the result of any evaluation of JavaScript code (see :ref:`interaction`).

To inspect the result of the evaluation of an expression, press C-c M-i. An inspector buffer will pop up. You can also press RET or left click on object links from the REPL buffer.


Using the inspector

Here is a list of available keybindings in an inspector buffer:

.. tabularcolumns:: |r|L|

Keybinding Description
RET Follow a link to inspect the object at point
l Pop to the previous inspected object
g Update the inspector buffer
n or TAB Jump to the next object in the inspector
p or s-TAB Jump to the previous object in the inspector