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amd-mode.el MELPA Build Status

Minor mode for handling JavaScript AMD module definitions.

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amd-mode.el works with js2-mode and (at the moment) requires to be with a projectile project.

  • C-c C-d k: amd-kill-buffer-module: Kill the module path of the buffer's file.

  • C-c C-d s: amd-search-references: Search for modules that require the buffer's file.

  • C-c C-d f: amd-import-file: Prompt for a file to import. When called with a prefix argument, always insert the relative path of the file.

  • C-c C-d m: amd-import-module: Prompt for a module name to import.

  • C-c C-d o: amd-find-module-at-point: Find a module named after the node at point.

  • C-c C-d a: amd-auto-insert: Insert an empty module definition.

  • C-S-up: reorder the imported modules or perform js2r-move-line-up.

  • C-S-down: reorder the imported modules or perform js2r-move-line-down.

When amd-use-relative-file-name is set to t, files are imported using relative paths when the imported file is in a subdirectory or in the same directory as the current buffer file.

When amd-always-use-relative-file-name is set to t, files are always imported using relative paths.


  • Damien Cassou
  • Syohei YOSHIDA

Copyright (C) 2014-2018 Nicolas Petton & Damien Cassou

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