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Iliad is a Smalltalk web application framework. It is designed to be simple 
and make web development as effective as possible. 

Iliad's features include:
- reusable stateful widgets
- REST applications
- simple API
- easy to setup and deploy (no complicated configuration step)
- automatic AJAX: Thanks to its javascript layer, Iliad automagically 
updates widgets using AJAX. If javascript is not enabled, the behaviour 
remains the same by making normal requests, so you don't have to worry 
about that.

Iliad reuses pieces of code from other libraries. In particular, the 
dispatch pattern is adapted from HttpView2, the composite element 
hierarchy for building HTML from AIDA/Web, and the stateful Widgets from 
Seaside, however without using continuations.

Iliad is a young piece of code, but it is already very functional and can 
support relatively heavy load without stability issues. Because it is 
young, API changes are not guaranteed to be backward compatible until 1.0