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+Iliad is a Smalltalk web application framework. It is designed to be simple
+and make web development as effective as possible.
+Iliad's features include:
+- reusable stateful widgets
+- REST applications
+- simple API
+- easy to setup and deploy (no complicated configuration step)
+- automatic AJAX: Thanks to its javascript layer, Iliad automagically
+updates widgets using AJAX. If javascript is not enabled, the behaviour
+remains the same by making normal requests, so you don't have to worry
+about that.
+Iliad reuses pieces of code from other libraries. In particular, the
+dispatch pattern is adapted from HttpView2, the composite element
+hierarachy for building HTML from AIDA/Web, and the stateful Widgets from
+Seaside, however without using continuations.
+Iliad is a young piece of code, but it is already very functional and can
+support relatively heavy load without stability issues. Because it is
+young, API changes are not guaranteed to be backward compatible until 1.0
@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ Eval [
prereq: 'Iliad-Core';
prereq: 'Iliad-Swazoo';
prereq: 'Iliad-More';
+ url: '';

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