How can we access Polymer frontend code with Spec by Example using FitNesse?
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How can we access Polymer frontend code with Spec by Example using FitNesse?

Installation Preparations

  1. Install node.js (version >= 7.6).
  2. Install Java (version >= 6).
  3. Install the Selenium standalone server - either manually or globally via npm.
  4. Install the Selenium driver for your browser:
  5. You can place the downloaded files in the selenium folder. In any case, double-check and adapt the paths used in the selenium-... scripts in package.json.

What is already provided in this repo?

  1. FitNesse - it is checked in. The checked-in version is v20161106.
  2. SlimJS - it is installed via NPM.
  3. Webdriver.IO - it is installed via NPM.

Running Everything

  1. Start Selenium via npm run selenium-firefox or npm run selenium-chrome (make sure you adapted the paths in the command).
  2. Start FitNesse via npm run fitnesse (adapt the port in the command if necessary).
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ExperimentPage.SimpleTest.
  4. Run the example tests by pressing the "Test" button near the top of the page. This will take some time!

The first table, labeled "Check Page Title", should be green, whereas the others should be red.

This way, you can explore which attempts I made so far, which worked well for me and which didn't.

You can find the corresponding fixtures (i.e.~the glue code between the tables and the websites) in the fixtures folder. Their names match the names in the table headers (modulo whitespace and non-text characters).