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A simple node.js configuration management module.


simple-configure is a node.js module that provides a simple container for properties. To create this container, simply require the module:

var simpleConfigure = require('simple-configure');

Thanks to require's singleton mechanism, this container is global, so wherever you require it, you get all properties that you added somewhere else in your code - even if you added them in other modules.

Inserting Properties into the Container

Properties can be entered in different ways:

From a JavaScript object:

simpleConfigure.addProperties({property1: 'value1', property2: 'value2'});

From one or more JSON files:

simpleConfigure.addFiles(['default-properties.json', 'special-properties.json']);

Reading Properties from the Container

var value = simpleConfigure.get('property1');

Replacing / Updating Properties that are already in the Container

In order to replace a property that has already been inserted into the container, just overwrite it by setting its new value.

Resetting the Container

To remove all properties from the container, you can invoke


Why is it called "simple"-configure?

Because it is really simple. This simplicity includes the following aspects:

No Namespaces

All properties are simply stored by their name - no matter how they were entered into the container. If you add two files or objects that both contain the same property, the latter will overwrite the former.

Silent Failures

When you try to add a file that does not exist, there is no error or info message - the file is silently ignored. When you try to add an empty object or an unsupported object, e.g. an array, null or undefined, there is no error or info message - the object is silently ignored.

Silent Overwrite of Properties

If a property is overwritten by a subsequent addition, this happens silently - there are no error or info messages.


Simple node.js configuration management module.




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