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GitHubBuddy is your friend to help

  • Review pull request using your preferred native difftool for example BeyondCompare
  • Convert text in pull request or commit title to hyperlink, more specifically convert text like JIRA-178 in the pull request to a hyperlink targeting https://JIRAServer/Browser/JIRA-178
  • Make github full screen wide
  • Disable the merge button if the pull request is labelled as Do Not Merge (customisable)

How to Install and Configure

Currently, it only supports FireFox and Chrome. You can follow the below steps to install it:



GitHub Token

You will need to create a personal access token with repo permission for this extension so it can retrieve the diff from github on your behalf.

Diff Tool Full Path

This is the full path to the difftool you want to use for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe

By default we will pass two arguments to the difftool which are the file paths of the BASE and the HEAD. However, you can customise it with the $BASE and $HEAD placeholders if your difftool requires additional arguments.

Do Not Merge Label

This is a pull request label name, by default is Do Not Merge.

The extension will disable the Merge Button if the pull request is labelled as Do Not Merge (or the one you specified).

Text to Hyperlink

This is a feature to convert text to hyperlink. More specifically convert Issue to the link to an external system such as TFS, JIRA, Trac. Of course you could possibly use it to do something else as well.

See here for the instructions to configure it.


Browser extension to review PR using native difftool e.g. BeyondCompare




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