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Js implementation of Federation protocol server.
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Federation server

The Stellar Federation protocol allows you to convert a human-readable address like amy* to an account ID. It also includes information about what should be in a transaction’s memo. When sending a payment, you contact a federation server first to determine what Stellar account ID to pay. Luckily, the bridge server does this for you.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

Installation / Initial setup

  • git clone
  • change into the new directory
  • npm run api:create creates and deploy claudiajs api with dev environment here your federation URL
  • npm run db:init init terraform
  • npm run db:setup:workspaces create terraform workspaces
  • npm run db:plan plan dev infrastructure
  • npm run db:apply creates or updates dev infrastructure
  • if you are doing a fresh setup please configure remote proxy and then update Chromeless Service Information in settings.js

Running on local machine

  • npm server start claudia js in local machine


  • npm test run tests with jasmine

Create your own api keys

  • go to /infrastructure/apiKeys
  • add your keys as many as you need


Deploying dev

  • npm run db:plan verify changes in dev infrastructure (optional)
  • npm run db:apply apply changes to dev infrastructure (optional)
  • npm run api:deploy deploy claudiajs api with dev environment

Deploying prod

  • npm run db:plan:prod verify changes in prod infrastructure (optional)
  • npm run db:apply:prod apply changes to prod infrastructure (optional)
  • npm run api:deploy:prod deploy claudiajs api with prod environment
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