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As per GCS § 6.7, this file contains a list of user-visible noteworthy
changes. Note that this is not the same as a changelog.
Version 1.4.2 (unreleased)
Bugs closed on Github
* Bitrate - Length - Speed (#45)
* bug or feature ? (#47)
Version 1.4.1 (12 February 2017)
Bugs closed on Github
* 1.4.0 /usr/bin empty (#38)
* Configure - Directories Page 4 of 5 (#39)
* Configure - Username (#40)
* 1.4.0 Text Off Set Under Columns (#41)
* Make nicotine work with FreeBSD (PR #44)
Version 1.4.0 (31th January 2017)
Miscellaneous bugs fixed
* Some files were not shown in shares due to broken metadata of these files.
* Fix a bug preventing the offline help to open.
* Windows installer refreshed.
Bugs closed on Github
* Make proper release (#26)
Bug closed on Trac (readonly)
* File Manager / "Open Directory" function in Windows (#717)
* Open Directory not working (#945)
Version 1.3.2 unstable (14th January 2017)
Bugs closed on Github
* Uploads stop working after a while (#35)
* Can't download from certain users (#37)
Bug closed on Trac (readonly)
* shared files appear not shared to some peers (#744)
* Stops Downloading After About 15 Minutes (#759)
* Browse Files from Friemds (#762)
* Download issue.... (#903)
Version 1.3.1 unstable (10th January 2017)
* Displaying results of searches should now be faster and not blocking the UI.
* Send a private message to users who queue a directory has been removed.
* Hidden directories on Windows are not shared provided you have the pypiwin32 module installed.
* Tray icons have been modified to be easier to distribute under debian (DFSG compliant).
* New versions are now checked against the Github releases page.
* NowPlaying: MPRIS should now be used for Rhythmbox.
* The MacOS port has been dropped since nobody will step up and maintain it.
* The pseudo transparency (translux) feature has been removed.
* Blinking of the trayicon is not recommended and has been removed.
* Menu icons have been dropped since they are deprecated by GTK.
* Translations works on Windows.
* UPnP support out of the box on Windows.
* Refreshed icon and GTK2 theme on Windows.
* Gives user the option to load more than 1000 previous chat lines when they rejoin a chat room.
* Virtual share system implemented.
* You can now browse your buddy shares via the Share menu.
* You can now rename your buddy virtual shares via the settings window for shares.
* Plugins: can now be toggled on/off.
* Plugins: a reddit plugin has been added.
* NowPlaying: XMMS Infopipe support has been removed in favor of xmms2.
* NowPlaying: BMPx support has been removed.
* NowPlaying: Lastfm support has been updated and require an API key.
* NowPlaying: Banshee support has been updated.
* NowPlaying: Foobar support has been updated.
Bugs closed on Github
* Question - Nicotine Still Being Developed? (#1)
* bug in (#2)
* Remove max length on settings password field (#5, #7)
* Randomly kill connections on select() out of range failure (#6)
* Fix shares build / crashes caused by bogus metadata (#10)
* UPnP Port Mapping piles up in the router (#11)
* Currently broken on windows (#18)
* File transfers are failing (#19)
* Fix variable bitrate detection for MP3 files (#20)
* Information On (#21)
* Build fails on archlinux, can't copy mo file... (#22)
* Hidden directory files now showing up in file shares (Windows) (#23)
* upnp functionality is used despite being config'd as False (#24)
* userbrowse coredump on GTK 2.24.30+ (#25)
* "invalid operation on closed shelf" error on every download (#27)
* Unable to save settings (#32)
* Clear Finished/Aborted button problem (#33)
* Settings window slow to open (#36)
Bug closed on Trac (readonly)
* "Abort & Delete" button is mislabeled (#194)
* No icon found in nicotine.exe (#512)
* French translation and non-translatable strings (#524)
* Limiting number of upload slots doesn't work all the time (#651)
* Add option to override locale dir (#495)
* File and Fast-Configure keyboard shortcuts are the same (#658)
* Rescanning shares stalls/fails in some cases (#671)
* Distressingly, /al is not working in private chat (#678)
* tab completion of user name does not work in private chat (#679)
* Programming bug (#697)
* upload queue size limits can't be set to "unlimited" (#706)
* Impossible to install nicotine without a mouse (#712)
* Tray icon is lost after explorer is terminated, doesn't return after explorer is restarted (#715)
* nicotine crashed with TypeError in PopulateFilters(): value is of wrong type for this column (#726)
* Dont draw eventbox background for tab labels (#727)
* Rythmbox Now Playing Error (#750) (#935)
* Realpath / filename error (#776)
* Connection limit (#802)
* Disabled UPnP support due to errors Message (Can We Silence?) (#803)
* English text refactorizationillisms (#828)
* Cannot download from soulseekqt users (#912)
* Corrected Hungarian translation for 1.2.16 (#923)
* Nicotine+ 1.2.16 on win7SP164bit - German language (#998)
A bunch of outdated bug reports have been closed on Trac.
Version 1.2.16 (31th October 2010)
* Updated most country flags (#599)
* All messages should now be properly timestamped in the log (#602)
* Saving user pictures now appends a timestamp so pictures aren't overwritten
* Foobar support for NowPlaying (#644)
* Division-by-zero errors broke transfers (#561)
* Some packets were packed incorrectly (#570)
* Recursive downloads didn't work (#571)
* Search results were improperly formatted (#594)
* Copying folder URLS didn't work (#574)
* Mid sentence tab completion destroyed input (#562)
* Portmapping with MiniUPnPc (the binary) didn't work (#593)
* Deprecated raise statements using strings (#613)
* Transparency wasn't saved properly (#615)
* Shares didn't work properly with out-of-ASCII characters (#623, #345)
* Fileshare counter increased on refreshing a filelist (#617)
* Program failed to start with a corrupt transfer file (#628)
* Network loop crashed on invalid DistribSearch packets
* Private rooms often didn't show up in the room list (#641)
* nicotine.desktop was missing P2P and Network sub categories (#660)
Version 1.2.15 (16th February 2010)
* Changed the description for our .exe files so it shows up as Nicotine+ in
firewalls (ticket #498)
* When using an upload slot limit, uploads that don't start within 30 seconds
are no longer counted as a used slot. This stops a single faulty user from
preventing other connections
* The clear button in the upload view now clears erred transfers too
* Unhide user info tab when a new userinfo is received
* Transfer views update less frequently reducing the amount of CPU needed.
* xdg-open is now used by default to open folders and play music
* Now-Playing support for Amarok2 (Ticket #423)
* FastConfigure dialog for new users (Ticket #482)
* Country flags now have tooltips (Ticket #521)
* Now-Playing support for Banshee
* Collapse mode in upload/download didn't work for newly added files, wasn't
remembered with restart (ticket #205)
* The packing/unpacking of network messages has been made more explicit. This
should make Nicotine+ less likely to fail on different processor types and
operating systems (Tickets #486 #493 #518 #540 #548)
* Double quotation marks weren't filtered from filenames on Windows systems
* Ban list got unintentionally deleted sometimes (Ticket #519)
* "Show IP" didn't not work on the userinfo page (Ticket #522)
* Wishlist searches would stop working if the setting "Reopen search tabs" was
disabled and the user closed the search tab (Ticket #552)
* Incoming RoomSearch raised exceptions
* ><((((*> updated the French translation
* djbaloo updated the Hungarian translation
Version 1.2.14 (4th October 2009)
* A corrupt configuration file will no longer make Nicotine+ fail on startup (ticket #483)
* Multiple shares can now be loaded from the harddrive at the same time
* Support for UPnP through MiniUPnPc (ticket #230)
* Search failed to work on certain combinations of OS and processor (ticket #486)
* Implemented our own filelist iterator, dramatically reducing the amount of
CPU cycles needed to open filelists. Thanks goes to Nick Voronin (ticket #480)
* Bitrates for Musepack audio were scanned incorrectly
* Saving file lists from users with slashes in the name didn't work
* Filesize was incorrect for files around 2 gigabytes and up in userbrowse.
Version 1.2.13 (22 Sept 2009)
* Download queue is stored independently from the normal configuration file (ticket #467)
* Non-working connections are cleaned up more aggressively (ticket #473)
* Themes can now use a range of image types, including SVG
* Ownership of private rooms is now displayed
* Search chatroom logs by pressing F3
* ASF Support in case Mutagen is used
* The location of Nicotine+ is restored on startup
* Rudimentary download rate limiter
* The NowPlaying code for Audacious now supports audtool2 as well
* Notifications failed when a user had <> in the name
* Highlight icon kept on blinking with detached windows
* Fixed links in the Help menu that didn't work (ticket #459)
* A few different GUI related bugs that should make Nicotine+ much more
responsive and use less CPU: Startup time reduced when there is a queue,
queueing many items at a timer, pressing buttons like "Clear Finished" and
"Abort User's Upload(s)"
* ...and lots of tiny bugs
* Žygimantas updated Lithuanian translation
* Kenny updated Dutch translation
* Nils updated Hungarian translation
Version 1.2.12 (26 May 2009)
* RGBA mode is no longer on by default, to use it pass the --enable-rgba flag when starting Nicotine+
* On Windows, configuration files are now stored in the user's Application Data folder instead of the installation folder (bug #330)
* The configuration screen for shares has been rearranged in order to make it more logical (bug #341)
* Support for Mutagen has been added. This will result in more accurate information about bitrates and lengths (bug #259)
* Icons have been replaced, the alt-tab icon is increased.
* Most external calls now support pipes
* Improved German (bug #394) and French translation (thanks goes to ><((((*>)
* The dependency for PyVorbis has been removed in favour of Mutagen (bug #409)
* Notification popups will no longer stack but a single popup will be updated
* Built-in Webbrowser (MozEmbed)
* Ignore by IP
* Windows components have been improved
* The language selection now uses normal names instead of abbreviations (bug #332)
* When switching languages GTK will be translated as well
* Hash checking to eliminate duplicates. When a file name conflict arises after a download finishes both files are hashed
to make sure the new file is not identical to the old one.
* Public Room support has been added
* The amount of tracked and displayed search results is now limited, which should allow nicotine+ to cope better with overly
generic search terms. Internally a maximum of 1500 are recorded, of which a maximum of 500 are shown. The other 1000 can be
retrieved by using the filters. (bug #284)
* Notebook tabs can be reordered and hidden, and these settings will be remembered.
* Search results are now limited. There are two different limits:
1) The show limit. This is the amount of results shown in the search tabs
2) The store limit. This is the amount of results stored internally. This is useful when using search filters
These limits are configurable from the configuration screen. (bug #284)
* Nicotine tries to rename itself from 'python' to 'nicotine' for programs like 'ps' (requires procname module) and 'pkill' (bug #355)
* 'Remember choice' option in the quit confirmation dialogue
* It is possible to ignore people based on their IP address
* Import warnings are now shows in the log window as well as in the console (bug #381)
* New logging functionality, which means no more messages should get lost in the console
* You can change your password now (bug #424)
* Misc. improvements to transfer handling
* Tab completion can be done by in-line replacement instead of dropdown list
* Transfer views now have a 'Place in line' column
* The Danish translation is now stored under 'da'
* Fixed sorting of percentage (bug #322)
* A number of typographical errors have been corrected (bug #334 and #335)
* When disabling sound this setting will be loaded correctly now (bug #285)
* Repaired sayprivate function from the pluginsystem
* The Windows versions now comes with jpeg62.dll (bug #342)
* The word '-' is now filtered from search queries (bug #367)
* Handling of word wrapping of extremely long words is improved
* Tray icon menu on OSX
* Private Room handling has improved (bug #432)
Version 1.2.10 (30 December 2008)
* Added support for RGBA, enabling Murrine users to use transparency and round menus
* Tabs can be reorderen and can be hidden
* Fixed bug #177, notification popups are now split into file and directory notifications
* Fixed bug #274, cancelling and disowning private rooms bug (fr3shpr1nc3)
* Fixed bug #226, file size dropdown in search filters are more readable now
* Fixed bug #310, activity icon no longer activates on our own typing
* Timestamps in private messages now are displayed correctly
* Room searches work again (was broken in 1.2.10alpha)
Version 1.2.10 alpha (9 November 2008)
* Added to the now-player (gallows)
* Added first version of the plugin system
* Tabs can be closed using the middle mouse button
* Usernames can be copied from the channel list (right click, select the
username from the menu)
* Added a popup that will inform users in case a local port cannot be bound
* Connections will be dropped when the maximum is approached, decreasing the
chance for "IOError" messages
* 'Send to player' failed because of missing quotes for finished downloads
* Fixed a bug with tuple error message causing a traceback
* Fixed a translation bug, caused by tabs positions top, left, etc that caused
settings dialog to not work properly
* Fixed rhytmbox support with "Now Playing" (gallows)
* Fixed Audacious support with "Now Playing" (gallows)
* Fixed sending out the wrong username with search results
* Updated all server references to the new server
* A inverted port range no longer causes connection failures
* Removed deprecated GTK calls
* Radio buttons now allow the buddylist to be toggled as always visible, in own
tab, or in the chatroom tab.
General Changes
* The Edit menu has been broken into Edit, View and Shares menus
(similar to Enr1X's patch )
Also fixed the duplicate Alt-B hotkey (hide flags is now Alt-G).
* Committed QuinoX's patch for case-insensitive nick completion (#252)
Chat Rooms
* Added Server Message 141, enables Private Chat Room Invitations and thus
allows those you invite to get past the annoying server message that warning
when a user you've invited 'hasn't enabled private room add'.
* Blocking a user's IP address is now easier with the addition of a chatroom
popup menu item
* Private Rooms: You can now create private rooms via the roomslist popup menu
and add users to your private rooms via any chatroom user popup-menu. You can
also drop ownership of a private room and drop membership of another person's
private room. This feature is currently available on the testing server only.
* Country flags are shown in search results, metadata dialogs
* Upload and Download transfer lists now have customizable double-click options
in Transfers->Events.
* A Backup config menu item was added to the Edit menu. This will backup your
Nicotine+ config and config.alias (if it exists) into a BZ2 archive. If you
cancel the backup filename saving process, an archive with the format
'config backup YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.tar.bz2' will be created.
* Visible colors have been added to the Colour settings (for those who don't
read hexadecimal).
* Separate fonts for Search, Transfers, Browse and a font for all other lists
can now be set.
* Slovak Translation Updated (Jozef)
Version 1.2.9 Release (22 September 2007)
* Relicensed all code under GPLv3 and LGPLv3
General Changes
* Config menu items that were in the File menu moved to the new Edit menu
* Added credits and license note to About Nicotine dialog.
* Disable many widgets (entries, buttons, lists) when disconnected from server
* User tabs have right-click popup-menus in private, userinfo and userbrowse.
* libnotify support added (patch by infinito ticket #176 )
notification-daemon, libnotify and python-notify required
* Added a 10 second cooldown between responding to Userinfo and Usershares
requests from the same user (to mitigate damage from DOS attacks and simple
* Notification text on tabs can be colored
* Notification icons on tabs can be disabled
* Close buttons on tabs no longer forced to 18x18px
* Close buttons are dynamically added and removed when toggled in settings
* Added global unrecommendations list
* Merged Amun-Ra's 'Country flag column in Chatroom userlists' (this is a new
feature on the testing server) but works with manual IP lookups with GeoIP.
This requires the 242 flag images. Additions to several server messages are
used instead of GeoIP if they are available.
* Simplified GeoIP module loading
* Added popups to user's interests lists (search, add and remove interests)
* Added a zoom and save popup menu to the Userinfo image.
* Shares are precompressed, before they're sent (Nicotine will recover faster
from many shares requests)
* Unicode filenames on Win32 are now read and shared properly (should be)
* Tooltips can be disabled
* Settings widgets will now be colored red if their values are invalid.
* Your client port and server-reported IP address are shown in Server Settings
* Added an option to Shares for the Upload directory path (needs to be set)
The upload directory is where your buddies 'uploads' will be saved.
* Default colours and clear colours buttons added
* All Notebook Tabs can be repositioned and the labels can be rotated 90⁰
under Settings->Interface->Notebook Tabs
* Added Exaile to NowPlaying
* Added a config option for overriding the default language
* URL handlers settings rearranged slightly, combo items in the handlers column
* Rearranged the Settings tree and removed some descriptive panes
* Added IP blocking and range blocking with * character
* Some Entry widgets in settings replaced with SpinBoxes
* Userinfo settings now have size data for image
* New options to to determine what happens when destroying the main window
(show a dialog, close to tray, or quit)
* Search is now a genuine TreeView that supports group-by-user and
has a expand/collapse all toggle when grouping is enabled.
* Added a Clear results button
* Added 'Download containing folder(s) to..' to the search results popup
* Open a new socket for every outgoing search result to avoid problems with
shared sockets getting closed.
* Only close sockets of incoming search results if input/output buffers are
empty. (this may still result in the transmitting sockets)
* Added Search and Open Directory items to the uploads popup menu
* Search results encoding improved (user's encoding, falls back to global)
* Search results turn red when a user goes offline (configurable)
* Added a 'multiple users' submenu to search results popup
* Show total time elapsed and remaining in user's parent row instead of the
current transfer's time elapsed and time remaining.
* Added a maximum files-per-user limit to the upload queue
* Added a 'Clear Failed' item to the uploads menu
* Added 'Clear Filtered' and 'Clear Paused' to the downloads menu
* Fixed pausing of aborted downloads after reconnecting to the server.
* Added an 'Auto-retry Failed' checkbox to downloads (3 minute timer)
* Added an 'Autoclear Finished' checkbox to uploads
* Notify popups for completed files and completed directories (toggleable)
* Added a 'multiple users' submenus
* Whitespace is now limited to two spaces
* Show icon, sound, speech and title notifications for "current" chat tab
if the window is hidden.
* Notify popups for buddies with "notify" enabled :)
* Read chatroom logs (and attempt to parse them) when rejoining a room.
Parsing will not work if the logs do not use the default timestamp format.
Chat room and Private chat logs are in seperate sub-directories, now.
* Threaded /aliases and /now commands (GUI no longer freezes)
* Use the /detach and /attach chatroom commands to pop chatrooms and private
chats into their own windows.
* Text-To-Speech support added (configurable under Settings->Misc->Sounds)
individual chat rooms can be disabled with the text-to-speech toggle button.
Chat messages are read out, and nick mentions are announced. By default,
there are commands for flite ( )
and festival ( ).
* URL text color is configurable (doesn't effect old links after changing)
* Timestamps are now configurable, disableable (under Settings->Chat->Logging)
* Log files' timestamps are also configurable. Default is "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
* Added a help button for chatroom commands
* Added hide/show buttons in chatrooms for userlist and status log. These
buttons can be hidden by Edit->Hide chat room log and list toggles
* Username away color-status in chat can be toggled off
* Added Auto-Replace list (applies to all outgoing chat message text)
* Added Censor list (applies to all chat message text)
* A popup dialog appears after closing the last chat room while the roomlist
is hidden.
* URL's are now converted back to plain text by the URL catcher
(before only %20 were converted to spaces)
* Usernames in chat logs and private, userinfo and userbrowse tab labels are
marked offline when disconnected from server
* Ticker moved to the top-left of the chat room frame;
* Added settings for tab completion and dropdown completion list
* Added a completion dropdown list (gtk.EntryCompletion) to chat entries
Bug Fixes
* Renabled the 'if i.size is None' check which should fix some upload issues
* Fixed a error message printed after aborting an upload directory popup
* Fixed a major slowdown in needConfig function (was reading shares data)
* Pressing enter in Search Filter entry boxes now works again
* Readded "/" to pasted folder slsk:// URLs
* Reading slsk.exe's cfg files should now work on Windows
Version 1.2.8 Release (1st June 2007)
* Support for Spell Checking in chat added (libsexy and python-sexy required)
* Other users Interests are now shown in the User Info tab, with expanders
* Send Message added to trayicon
* Popup Menus in Private, Chatrooms, and User Browse reorganized
* The user-entry boxes are now buddy-list combobox entries
* Users with PyGTK >= 2.10 will use the gtk.StatusIcon instead of
the old module.
* Added a filemanager popup item to the self-browse menu; configurable
under Settings->Advanced->Events
* Gstreamer-Python support for sound effects added
* Added Soulseek testing server (port 2242) to the server combobox.
* Changed the URL Catcher's syntax. The ampersand "&" is no longer needed
at the end of URL Handlers. The handler entry is now a combobox and
includes a bunch of webbrowser commands.
* Userlist Columns are hidable and hidden status is saved.
* Added a "Group by users" check box
* Added Expand/Collapse all toggle button to transfers
* Added a popup dialog to the "Clear Queued" transfers buttons
* Added gallows' patch for including your username in the private chat log.
(ticket #161)
* Direct private messages (currently only supported by Nicotine+ >=
* Search now has combo boxes, per-room searching and per-user searching.
* Added Wishlist and changed remembered search tabs to only display
when new search results arrive
* Switch to newly started search tab (ticket #157)
* gallows added userinfo image zooming via the scrollwheel (ticket #160)
* Changed Audio Player Syntax it now uses "$" as the filename
* Exit dialog can be disabled in Settings->UI
* When a config option is detected as unset, print it in the log window.
* Move Icon theme and trayicon settings to a seperate frame
* Move sound effect and audio player settings to a seperate frame
* Reopen Settings dialog, if a setting is not set.
* On Win32, hyriand's multithreaded socket selector is used. This will allow
a larger number of sockets to be used, thus increasing stability.
* Added Server Message 57 (User Interests)
* Send \r\n with userinfo description instead of just \n
* Uploads to other Nicotine+ users work better
* Userinfo Description does not scroll to the bottom of the window
* Fixed a few bugs with the trayicon
* Fixed server reconnection not actually trying to reconnect (and giving up
on the first try)
* Lithuanian translation updated
* Euskara translation updated
Version Release (6th March 2007)
* The About Nicotine+ dialog now shows the versions of Python, PyGTK and GTK+
* Copy was added to the right-click menus in chat status and
debug logs.
* The shares scanning progress bar now disappears after scanning shares a
little more frequently.
* Fixed a bug in the way total transfer slots were calculated
* Improved Remote-Uploading somewhat (was quite buggy with two Nicotine+ clients)
* Fix directory name cropping in 'upload directory to' in User Browse
* Attempted to fix the 'interrupted system call' (which sometimes are caused
by gtk+ file dialogs) from stopping the networking loop.
* Username hotspots for users who are offline or have left the room aren't
disabled anymore.
* Downloads have a metadata popup dialog with bitrate / length
* Right-clicking when nothing is selected will select a row
* In parent row, display the current transfer's time elapsed and time left.
* Transfer popups work better on parent rows
* Silvio Orta updated the Spanish translation
* ><((((*> and ManWell updated the French translation
* nince78 updated the Dutch translation
* Nicola updated the Italian translation
* Žygimantas updated the Lithuanian translation
Version 1.2.7 Release (25th February 2007)
* Window size is restored on startup
* Background color of entry boxes, text views and list views is now changeable
and all lists foreground color changes with the 'list text' option.
* Added some padding around various widgets
* Tabs can be reordered on the fly, now (Requires PyGTK 2.10) Also, Chat Room
tab positions are saved in their reordered position.
* Per-file identation consistancy was drastically improved., and a few others were really bad.
* Added an Import Config frame to Settings, which duplicates the functionality
of nicotine-import-winconfig. User can now easily import config options
from the official Windows Soulseek client's config directory. Support for importing
the ignore list was also added to nicotine-import-winconfig.
* Translux (pseudo-transparent TextViews) is an old easter egg that is now
customizable in UI Settings.
* Transfer settings was rearranged and organized with expanders
* Transfer settings has a new combo box for selecting which users are allowed
to initiate uploading files to you. Trusted users are set in the buddy list.
* Added several tooltips to Settings' transfer widgets in hopes of providing
better explanations of some of the more complex functionality.
* Comments in Buddy List can now be edited in-list by clicking twice on the
comment column, not by double-clicking (which would open Private Chat).
* Trusted checkbox column added to the buddy list. Trusted users are an
optional selection of users to whom remote uploads can be limited.
* Usernames in the chat room log now have hotspots associated with them,
meaning they can be left-clicked on to load the same popup as you have in
the users list.
* Usernames are also colored based on Online, Away and Offline/In-Room status.
This option can be disabled in UI Settings.
* "User is away/online/offline" messages removed from Private Chat
* Transfers are now sub-items in a one-step tree with the user as a parent
* QuinoX's patch, a download filter: ( ) was
reworked a little and given a nice listview to add the Regular Expressions
(filters) to. This feature will allow you to blacklist certain types of
files, which may save you from the pointless downloading and cleanup of
unwanted files.
* Downloads and Uploads popup menus have a new item under the user submenu,
"Select User's Transfers".
* Uploads can be retried
* The Size column now has the current file position and the total file size
* Remotely-Initiated-Uploads will no longer be accepted if an Upload Queue
Notification message has not been sent, first. This means versions of
Nicotine+ earlier than 1.2.5 will not be able to initiate sending you files,
no matter what your allowed uploaders is set to.
* Stats were rearrange and the status of who is allowed to initiate uploads to
the user was added.
* The browsetreemodels functions were disabled, and file and folder treeviews
were reimplemented with code from the PyGTK2 museek client, Murmur.
* Search now works slightly different. Queries match all files in a directory,
and switch between matching directories each time.
* Tree lines and a 'Directories' sorting header were added to the Folder Treeview
* Upload Directories Recursive was added to Folders' Popup
* An expand / collapse all directories button was added
* Recursive downloads in User Browse now checks from > 100 files and displays
a Warning dialog that gives you a chance to cancel downloading.
* Search has a new popup window for displaying the metadata of search results.
This popup is accessible after selecting 1 or more files and clicking on the
"View Metadata of File(s)" popup menu item. From this window, you can also
download file(s) or initiate browsing of the current file's user's shares.
* Handle all peer message unpacking with an exception handler. Should make us
safer from malformed data sent by users.
* Close peer connection when userinfo's or browse's close buttons are pressed.
(This is to save bandwidth)
* ><((((*> updated the French translation
* (._.) and Meokater updated the German translation
* nince78 updated the Dutch translation
* Nicola updated the Italian Translation
* Added Finnish translation by Kalevi
* Added Lithuanian Translation by Žygimantas
* Added Euskara (Basque) translation by Julen of
* Various minor bugs killed
* Userlist selection bug fixed
* Fixed search results from last session being placed in search result tabs in
new session that match their tickets by using random tickets instead
starting from 0.
* Fixed Big memory leak with PixbufLoader in Userinfo (call garbage collector)
* Fixed large-file (>4GB) file scanning and shares browsing issue
Version 1.2.6
* Added a GUI for new built-in NowPlaying scripts and new /now command to use
them. Supported players: Amarok, Rhythmbox, BMPx, XMMS/Infopipe, MPD/mpc.
An 'other' player option also exists.
* Added /buddy, /rem, unbuddy commands to Private Chat and Chat Rooms.
* The Userinfo Picture file chooser now displays a preview of the image
* Private Chat does not allow you to send messages while offline. New
disconnected and reconnected messages appear in the chat log. Another new
message is displayed if you were sent messages while offline.
* Users' Shares lists can be saved to disk and then reloaded them, for ease
and speed. On *nix, these files will be stored in ~/.nicotine/usershares/
* Display shares-scanning errors in the Log Window
* Added Titlebar messages on Private Chat and nick mention in Chat Rooms
* Disabled: Urgency Hint on highlight (Titlebar flashes, or WM tries to get
your attention) Doesn't work very well, disabled for now.
* Popup a warning message if the Guide cannot be found
* Added 'Copy all' menu item to Room Status logs and the debug log
* Also added icons to the Clear log and the Remove Dislike menu items
* Enlarged number entry boxes in Transfer Settings
* Added thread protection to File/Directory Chooser (was getting freezes)
* Search's Close button also "ignores" the search, like the X button the tab.
* Fixed bug in "Download file(s) to..." causing the path to be corrupted.
* Use a safer method to save the config file. Create '', move old
'config' to 'config.old', rename '' to 'config' (from 1.1.0pre1)
* Added 4 nicotine-plus-??px.png icons 16px, 32px, 64px and 96px.
* nicotine.desktop and nicotine-plus-32px.png are installed to
$PREFIX/share/applications and $PREFIX/share/pixmaps
* Added elaborate Unicode filename-reading hack. This should allow
non-latin files/directories to be added to the shares. (Since this feature
breaks in Linux, Windows detection is used throughout the filescanner
converting strings to unicode and back.
* Always load dbhash module on Windows
* Re-enable Server Ping (120 sec) and Timeout for Connection Close (120 sec)
* Spoof warning now includes the IP and port of the user sending the message.
* Hacked apart Systraywin32 from Gajim to work with Nicotine+ on Windows
requires pywin32 which you can download from here:
* Fixed a bug with the Trayicon intially being icon-less
* Hungarian translation updated (djbaloo)
* Portuguese-Brazilian translation finished (SuicideSolution)
* Slovak Translation Updated (Jozef) September 18th 2006
Bugfix Release
* Made TrayIcon not attempt to load on 'win32' operating systems
* Fixed trayicon bug that caused error messages everytime the Settings
window's Apply or Okay button was pressed when the trayicon isn't loaded.
(reported by renu_mulitiplus)
* Fixed displaying your own Userinfo image on Windows.
* Replace the characters ?, ", :, >, <, |, and * with an underscore _ on
Windows, to avoid filesystem errors. (Reported by theorem21)
* Made the Directory Chooser start with the predefined directory set.
Version 1.2.5 September 17th 2006
* Made columns reorderable (temporarily, they return to the default order
after a restart)
* Made the encodings Comboboxes give location or language details in a
separate column.
* Made all the popup menus have GTK stock icons.
* Made most of the Main Menu items have icons.
* Added three new menu options under help: Offline Nicotine Plus Guide, the
Nicotine-Plus Trac and the Nicotine Plus Sourceforge Project websites.
* Added the NicotinePlusGuide to, so it will be installed
* Set Firefox as the default http:// URL handler
* Replaced "pure text" percent column with a CellRendererProgress column in
the Downloads and Uploads transfer lists.
* Added option to UI Settings to show/hide the transfer buttons.
* Added expander to glade2py, so it can now be used.
* Rearranged the new user entry/buttons to the top left of their tabs, added
spacing inside tabs.
* Added more stock GTK icons to Settings and Userinfo, among other places.
* Added confirmation exit popup dialog when quitting with the window manager.
* Made the main window's minimum size to be 500x500 px
* Fixed a typo in that caused some transfers to get stuck
in the Initializing state, even though transfers still work.
* Fixed the Chatrooms tab hilite bug (reported by Offhand, xrc)
* Made the Tray Icon's popup menu disable menu options based on connection
status. Also simplified its code to match the way Nicotine normally
creates menus.
* Made Trayicon toggleable while running from the UI settings or at startup
with --enable-trayicon, -t and --disable-trayicon, -d
* Made /search commands modify the search history
* Added 'clear search history' button to search
* Shortened Search tab length and added a label containing the full query
next to the "Enable filters" checkbox.
* Notifications: Now testing 'flite' support, a text-to-speech engine.
This may or may not be removed. The option is 'speechenabled'
* Moved Icon theme and Sound theme settings inside separate expanders.
* Notifications: Added a sound effect, room_nick.ogg, for nick-mention in
chatrooms (when not in that room) and a separate sound effect, private.ogg,
for when a private message arrives, and you are not in that tab. Sound
options are found in the UI settings, and separate sound theme directories
and audio players can be selected, as well. Ogg files are installed into
* Added support for sending and receiving Soulseek peer message 52, Upload
Queue Notification, which allows users to notify upload recipients that
they are attempting to send a file. Also, a log message is printed when a
user attempts to send you file(s) and an automatic is sent if they aren't
allowed to.
* Add a Bool to the GetUserStatus message received from the server, for
privileges. If 1, add user to list of privileged users.
* Added SendUploadSpeed (121) message which replaced SendSpeed (34) a long
time ago. Thanks to sierracat for the info, and to slack---line for testing.
* Modified CheckVersion function to allow for milli ( X.X.X.X ) versioning.
Version August 18th 2006
Bugfix Release
* Disabled use of 'pwd' module on windows
* Fixed bug with Buddylist tab not appearing on startup.
* Fixed bug with double-clicking on a user in the Buddy not switching to the
correct private chat tab.
Version 1.2.4 August 17th 2006
* Added new translations for Hungarian (djbaloo) and Slovak (Josef Riha)
* Made Buddylist toggleable between its own tab and pane on the right side
of chatrooms
* Rearranged tabs to the top of the window
* Rearranged Browse Share's progress bar as in Ziabice's patch
* Added a Font selector for chat messages under Settings->UI->Interface
(47th_Ronin's request)
* Made Nicotine's shares builder ignore ALL dot-files and dot-directories
(such as the ~/.nicotine/ directory) for security reasons. (Izaak's idea)
* Warn if home directory is being shared. (Izaak's idea)
* Added the First in, First out queue from jat's evil cocaine patch (without
any of the other features)
* Added gtk stock icons to many buttons
* Added user entry boxes in Private Chat, User info, and User browse
* Added new birdy icons which replace the little people icons
* Added a theme selector to Settings->UI->Interface->Icon Theme Directory
If any of the theme icons exist in this directory, they'll be used instead
of the built-in images.
* Made Copy URL popup menu options use the ctrl-c/ctrl-v clipboard, as well as
the middle-click one
* Split big Download/Upload Popup menus into submenus
* Fixed an problem with upload percentages not working properly
Version 1.2.3 July 7th 2006
* Added abort, retry, ban, clear queued, and clear finished/aborted buttons
to transfers.
* Made lists' rows to use the alternating color pattern.
* Changed all the icons. Most of the new icons are modified from
Mark James' Silk icon set:
* Fixed other users sending PM cause the tab to be switched to their message.
* Fixed erroneously translated internal strings that caused queued downloads
to fail.
Version 1.2.2 June 15th 2006
* Renamed "User list" to "Buddy list"
* Added Double-clicking on a user starts a private message in the chatrooms,
the userlist, and similar users.
* Added TrayIcon from unreleased Nicotine 1.1.0pre1, and added a menu to it.
This is a module and needs to be compiled.
* Added Speed, Files and Dirs to userinfo
* Made more strings translatable
* Added Buddy-only shares
Version 1.2.1 June 10th 2006
* Added a bunch of hotkeys to the popup menus and normal menus.
* Added a new menu for Modes (Chat Rooms, Private Chat, etc)
* Starting a Private message via the Popup menu will now switch you Private
Chat tab, so you can immediately start typing.
* Fixed a segfault in User Browse, if you clicked on the folder expanders while
shares were loading. This was done making the folder pane be disabled while
* Updated translations to work with hotkey menu and other changes
* French translation: systry corrected typos and translated more strings.
* Added a Send to Player popup menu item, which allows you to send downloading,
uploading or files in your own shares to an external program, such as a media
Version 1.2.0b May 11th 2006
* Added a "Send to Player" popup menu item for downloads and personal shares
Version 1.2.0 May 10th 2006
* Added New Room and User search messages, and use them instead of sending out
direct peer searches
* Fixed all those depreciated Combo() functions, updated all of them to
PyGTK 2.6 compatible functions.
* Fixed the CRITICAL pygtk_generic_tree_model warning that has been plaguing
Nicotine since GTK2.4 came out. The problem was fixed by adding:
"if not node: node = self.tree" to the on_iter_nth_child() function.
* Moved the upload popup-menu item so that it isn't incorrectly disabled from
sending multiple files.
* Added two new debugging messages for when someone browses you or gets your
userinfo, you can see their username. ( Idea/code stolen from "Airn Here",
pointed out by heni (thanks to both of you) )
* Fixed a little bug in a popup menu that caused a traceback
* Added an optional client version message, which is similar to the CTCP
VERSION message on IRC. It sends your client's version via Private Message to
a remote user. You can disable automatic responding of it in the
Settings->Server. So far, it works only with this version of Nicotine and
Museek's Curses client, Mucous. Send it via the popup menu in Private chat,
or with the command: /ctcpversion
Version 1.0.8-e March 25 2006
* Made password to be starred like ***** via cravings' patch
* Added a Give Privileges popup menu item (taken from the development 1.1.0pre1
version of nicotine that hyriand never released.)
* Changed the Upload Files dialog from a textentry to a scrollbox
Version 1.0.8-d Aug 17 2004
* 1.0.8-d is a combo of 1.0.8z and some new stuff, listing it all here.
* Added GTK2-Fileselector (Works nicely for Win32)
* Added many changes to wording of the settings dialogs
* Added Remote Uploads (Browse yourself, right click on files, upload, type in
* Added Remote Downloads (Added Checkbox in Settings->Transfers)
* Fixed some of the many PyGTK warning messages
* Removed the PING-OF-BAN
Version 1.0.8rc1 May 1 2004
* Added the missing handler for server-pushed searches
* Allow users to have negative speed-ratings
* Double click downloads in searches and browsers, join room in room list
Version 1.0.7 Jan 11 2004
* Changed hate-list to be network-driven instead of being a filter
* Updated translations
* When available, Nicotine will use PyGNOME to launch protocols that
haven't been configured
Version 1.0.7rc2 Jan 07 2004
* Moved encoding dropdown-list out of the scrolled area in userinfo tabs
* Transfer logs (enable in settings->logging)
* Last 7 lines of a private message log are shown
* Config file now backed up (to <filename>.old)
* Check privileges shows days, hours, minutes, seconds
* Changed default server to
( will be automatically changed)
* Anti-frumin ticker update (replace newlines with spaces)
* Added country-code filter to the search filters
* Added a "Hide tickers" menu entry which hides all tickers
* Added option to not show the close buttons on the tabs
* Added option to not lock incoming files
* Fixed /tick
Version 1.0.7rc1 Jan 02 2004
* Added room ticker support
* Alt-A fixed
Version 1.0.6 - Dec 05 2003
* Probable fix for GUI freeze (thanks stillbirth)
* Bye bye total queue limit
* Translations updated
Version 1.0.6rc1 - Nov 18 2003
* Files that are downloaded should now be encoded
* Possible fix for a threading race condition
* Possible fix for listport not defined problem and a million little things
* Possible fix for yet-another-corrupted-shares-database problem
* Translation caching
* Whacked some tracebacks
* Implemented recommendations system
* Translation updates
* Added polish translation (thanks owczi)
* Fixed bug that made "Queue limits do not apply to friends" not work
* Fix for the version checking bug
Version 1.0.5 - Nov 7 2003
* Quickfix for protocol change
Version - Sep 26 2003
* Changed default server
* Fix for online notify
* Added french translation (thanks flashfr)
Version 1.0.4 - Sep 17 2003
---> Can you find the EASTER EGG? <---
* Show IP address now shows country name instead of code (when GeoIP is
* Fixed sorting in transferlists
* Clear (room) log window popup menu
* Room and user encodings (for chats, browse, userinfoetc)
* Close buttons on sub-tabs
* Translatable (see the languages/nicotine.pot file)
* Window icon (normally blue, yellow when highlight)
* MacOSX OSError / IOError fixups
* Fix for minimum window size
* Desktop shortcut (files/nicotine.desktop), not installed by default
* Possible fix for the "ServerConnection doesn't have fileupl" problem
* Userinfo is now properly network encoded
* Bundled a custom version of the ConfigParser that doesn't have problem
with semi-colons
* Download to.. for searches now defaults to downloaddir
* Close tab-button for searches closes and ignores
* UTF8 log window fixes
* Fix for invalid server traceback (in settings window)
Version 1.0.3 - Aug 28 2003
* PyGTK version check (Nicotine requires 1.99.16 or higher)
* Hide room list menu option (is remembered between sessions)
* Control-C doesn't kill nicotine anymore (silently ignored)
* Fix for deprecation warning (PyGTK 1.99.18)
* Bug-reporting assistant (based on work by
Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro)
* Reduced the sensitivity of the auto-scroller a bit
* Workaround for missing-menu-labels in tab popup menus
* Changed PyVorbis warning
* Check latest (checks if you're using the newest version)
* Autocompletion of / commands
* Some small psyco fixes
* Browse yourself without even being connected
* Default filter settings
* Fixed searches for special characters and limit history to 15 entries
* Long overdue enter-activates-OK in input dialog
* Make folder button in directory chooser dialog
* Change %20 in slsk:// urls to spaces (blame Wretched)
* Copy file and folder URLs in transfer lists and searches
* Fixed Hide log window on startup
* Improved the move-from-incomplete-to-download-folder function so that it
can move across partitions / drives / whatever.
* Now really included Carlos Laviola's debian control files
Version 1.0.2 - Aug 23 2003
* Possible fix for freezes
* Fix for GTK-Critical at startup with hidden log
* Fixed URL catcher regular expression a bit
* Added debian control files (by Aubin Paul)
* Hopefully fixed the missing "2 chars search result directory" thing
* Fixed roomslist popup menu
* More UTF8 cleanups (and dumped the need for most of the localencodings
in the process), should really work on MacOSX again
* Fixed alt 1-8 / left,right,up,down to work with numlock / scrolllock on
* Checkboxified all the "Add to user list", "Ban this user" and "Ignore
this user" context-menu items
* Fixed small bug in config loader (concerning importing pyslsk-1.2.3 userlist)
* Fixed small bug in the browse file model
* Fixed some selection issues
* Fixed rooms list being sorted A-Za-z instead of Aa-Zz
* Fixed column-sizes being weird when resizing
* Removed talkback handler
* Added handler for slsk:// meta-protocol and the ability to copy slsk://
urls in browse ("Copy URL").
* Should work on OSX again
* Threading issue with rescanning fixed
* Focus chat line input widget on tab change (chat rooms and private chat)
* <insert stuff I forgot to add to changelog here>
Version 1.0.1 - Aug 19 2003
* UTF8 fixes for settings window
* UTF8 fixes for directory dialog
* UTF8 fix for private chats in some locales (fr_FR for example)
Version 1.0.0 - Aug 18 2003 (INITIAL PUBLIC RELEASE)
* Changed URL to the Nicotine homepage to
* Added Alt-H accelerator to hide log
Version 1.0.0rc8 - Aug 18 2003
* New MP3 header engine (shouldn't crash anymore, and should be faster)
* Made the default handler for the http protocol more compatible (added
Version 1.0.0rc7 - Aug 17 2003
* Fixed check privileges (thanks hednod)
* Userlist context menu issues fixed
* Several win32 fixups / custom-hacks made for upcoming win32 release
Version 1.0.0rc6 - Aug 16 2003
* Merged PySoulSeek 1.2.4 core changes
* Privileged users in userlist
* Online notify
Version 1.0.0rc5 - Aug 16 2003
* pytgtk-1.99.16 compatibility fix (thanks alexbk)
Version 1.0.0rc4 - Aug 16 2003
* Fixed private-chat-shows-status-change-a-million-times
* Fixed bug concerning GeoIP not being able to look up country code
* Fixed email address in nicotine "binary"
Version 1.0.0rc3 - Aug 16 2003
* Geographical blocking works for search results too
* Geographical blocking settings now automatically uppercased
* py2exe.bat bundled (used to create a "frozen" .exe on win32)
* setup.iss bundled (used to create an installer using InnoSetup)
* Tab menus now show page title instead of Page n
* More win32 fixups
* URLs now only respond to left click
* User-info description field in settings now wraps
* User-info image no longer writes temporary image file
* Image data now encapsulated in
Version 1.0.0rc2 - Aug 13 2003
* Fixed typo
Version 1.0.0rc1 - Aug 13 2003
* Nasty Bug(tm) fixed
* URL catcher fixup
* Server banner is now shown
* Hide log window menu item
* Win32 fixups
Version 0.5.1 - Ayg 13 2003
* URL catching
* Bugfix: /ip no longer shows None
* Bugfix: CheckUser would fuck up when disconnected
* Fixed date for 0.5.0
Version 0.5.0 - Aug 13 2003
* Geographical blocking using GeoIP (optional)
* Userlist only sharing
* Userlist values are reset after disconnect
* Small bugfixes and typos
* Instead of printing certain bugreports to the console,
it now sends a private message to hyriand instead
Version 0.4.9 - Aug 11 2003
* Python 2,2,0 compatibility
* Python 2.3 deprecation warning fixed
* Minor bugfixes (mainly in transfer lists, I hope they work)
* Fixed the to install images
* Added browse files to search results context menu
* Added abort & remove file to downloads context menu
* KB/GB/MB is now done at 1000 instead of 1024 (producing 0.99 MB instead
of 1000 KB)
Version 0.4.8 - Aug 10 2003
* Minor bugfixes and de-glitchifications
Version 0.4.7 - Aug 9 2003
* New logo and icon (thanks (va)*10^3)
* Generate profiler log when using nicotine --profile
(profiler log will be saved as <configfile>.profile)
Version 0.4.6 - Aug 8 2003
* Room user lists are filled again when reconnected
* User is offline/away/online in private chats
* Right-click on tab shows tab list
* Auto-reply implemented
* Added *1000 factor for auto-search interval *oops*
Version 0.4.5 - Aug 7 2003
* Page Up / Down scrolls chats
* // at the start of a chat line will "escape" the / used by commands
* Evil typos corrected (tnx SmackleFunky)
* Bugfixes
* Search filter history
Version 0.4.4 - Aug 7 2003
* Bugfixes
* About dialogs
Version 0.4.3 - Aug 5 2003
* Small bugfixes (sorting, UpdateColours, ChooseDir)
Version 0.4.2 - Aug 5 2003
* First changelog entry.. Basically everything implemented :)