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A list of stuff & things todo (not in any particular order):

Short term goals

  • IN PROGRESS: Take care of deprecated symbols
  • GNU/Linux: Switch to using XDG_* directories.
  • Our sounds are dropped by downstream packagers for being non-free: investigate.
  • Convert old (unmaintained) python-GeoIP code to an up to date version.
  • Curate and update embedded plugins.

Long term goals

  • IN PROGRESS: Update the wiki.
  • Update the Nicotine Guide.
  • Reach out for translation help.
  • Switch to Python 3.
  • Switch to GTK3.
  • Switch to Gstreamer 1.X (require GTK3).
  • Switch spellcheck to gspell (require GTK3).
  • Switch from python-notify to an up to date alternative.
  • Replace the bundle Configparser module by something easier like json.
  • Replace db files (causing many problems) by something easier like json.
  • IN PROGRESS: Make as much as possible optional dependencies work on Windows.

Windows specific goals

  • Refresh the NSIS installer icons.