Web connected Thermostat (OLD VERSION - SEE 'WTherm' REPO FOR NEW)
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Web connected Thermostat

  • Powered by Raspberry Pi
  • Used in combination with a regular room thermostat
  • Reads the temperature through a HomeWizard smart home module
  • Uses Pushover to alert you if something goes wrong


  • The last measured temperature, target temperature, override status, heating status, humidity and the time at the last update are stored in a MySQL database
  • thermostat.php runs every 5 minutes, controls the GPIO and updates the database
  • The web interface uses javascriptm, which interacts with the database through data.php


This requires a working installation of Apache, PHP5 and MySQL with CURL.

  1. Install WiringPi and compile the GPIO utility
  2. Enable the PHP Phar extension
  3. Import WTherm.sql into phpMyAdmin
  4. Copy the WTherm folder to /usr/local/bin
  5. Edit the config.php
  6. Test your configuration by adding a user: php5 adduser.php username password
  7. Copy the www folder contents into your website location (normally /var/www)
  8. Allow your Apache user to execute PHP scripts as root: Add %www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/php5 to /etc/sudoers
  9. Add the startup script php5 /usr/local/bin/WTherm/startup.php > /dev/null to /etc/rc.local
  10. Set the thermostat script to run every 5 minutes: Add */5 * * * * root php5 /usr/local/bin/WTherm/thermostat.php >> /usr/local/bin/WTherm/wtherm.log to /etc/crontab
  11. Set the archiving script to run every hour: Add 0 * * * * root php5 /usr/local/bin/WTherm/archivelog.php >> /usr/local/bin/WTherm/wtherm.log to /etc/crontab
  12. That's it! Try it out :)


The source code and design files for this project are released under the MIT license. For more information, please view the LICENSE file.