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Connect your PMMP server with Discord!
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Discord-MCPE Logo

Connect your PocketMine server with Discord™!


  1. Download phar from Poggit™
  2. Put it in /plugins folder
  3. Start server
  4. Edit config
  5. Reload server


webhook_url: Your discord webhook url.

chat_url: Webhook url for the /discord command and when somebody chats. Set to 0 to use default.

username: The username the plugin uses in discord.

chat_username: The username of the plugin for /discord and when someone chats. Set to 0 to use default.

chat_format: Format in discord that the plugin uses when sending a message. {player} and {message} can be used.

start_message: Message sent when server starts.

shutdown_message: Message sent when server stops.

join_message: Message sent when player joins. {player} can be used.

quit_message: Message sent when player leaves. {player} can be used.

death_message: Message sent when player get killed. {player} can be used.

command: Enable/disable "/discord"

chat_prefix: Prefix for chat. When "!" and someone says !Hello, Hello is send to Discord

chat: Send everything to Discord. Recommended to keep this disabled, but it can be used.

pureperms: Support for PurePerms rank names. PurePerms ranks use the prefix {rank}. If not enabled, {rank} tags will show as "{rank}".

debug: Show error messages.

Making a Discord™ webhook:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to your server
  3. Make a new chat channel / Open one
  4. Click on the settings icon beside your chat channel name
  5. Click Webhooks => New
  6. Click "Copy" under Webhook URL
  7. Paste it in the config
  8. No more!
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