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Rename dirname attribute on form controls to dirName. #122

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From the spec, "The dirName IDL attribute must reflect the dirname content attribute."


So yeah, no more sleepy comments...

Anyways, +1 on this pull request. Opera Next has input.dirName but fails this test because of the case issue.

@NielsLeenheer NielsLeenheer merged commit 29994d4 into from
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  1. +5 −4 index.html
9 index.html
@@ -3893,13 +3893,14 @@
value: 1
- var props = 'autocomplete autofocus placeholder multiple dirname'.split(' ');
+ var props = 'autocomplete autofocus placeholder multiple dirName'.split(' ');
for (var p in props) {
+ var prop = props[p].toLowerCase();
- id: props[p],
- title: '<code>' + props[p] + '</code> attribute',
- url: '' + props[p],
+ id: prop,
+ title: '<code>' + prop + '</code> attribute',
+ url: '' + prop,
passed: !!(props[p] in element),
value: 1
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