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Workshop voor DataViz Festival
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Geo Visualisaties voor het Web

By: Niene Boeijen, Webmapper

Workshop for DataViz Festival 8-2-2017 >


The presentation can be found here:


How to run

Clone this repository from Github: git clone

Some of these examples can be viewed by simply opening the file in your web browser. But for some a proper web server is required. The two simplest options are:

  1. if you have Python installed, you can run python -m SimpleHTTPServer from the root of the repository. Then browse to the address it provides and add the name of the file you want to see, e.g. http://localhost:8000/leaflet-js/01_basemap.html
  2. if you have NodeJS installed, you can run the live-server module which also has live-reload capabilities: it will refresh your browser when you make changes. Install it with npm install -g live-server and run it with live-server in the project root. Then you can open http://localhost:8080/leaflet-js/01_basemap.html in your browser, for example.


The geoJSON and topoJSON files used are available in /data. See data/ for the methods used to create them. The data preparation has already be done for you.


See d3-js/

What will you do:

Topics covered:

  • Projections
  • GeoJSON
  • Time


See leaflet-js/

What will you do:

  • Basic Base map
  • Projections EPSG:3857 and EPSG:28992
  • WMS overlay
  • Adding a GeoJSON
  • TopoJSON
  • Interactivity

Topics covered:

  • Interactive map
  • Webmap / slippy maps
  • adding WMS
  • adding GeoJSON/TopoJSON
  • Projections
  • Using Dutch Geo Data


see mapbox-gl-js/

What will you do:

  • Load basic Mapbox Map
  • Load Custom Vector Tiles
  • Adding GeoJSON
  • Fonts
  • Extrusion

Topics covered:

  • Vector Tiles
  • PDOK data
  • Adding GeoJSON
  • Styling options
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