Mirror of NifTK on cmiclab, providing 3 main GUIs and about 150+ command line apps.
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Welcome to the NifTK project. This project contains several applications with graphical user interface, and various command line applications and command line scripts. The NifTK project is part of the overall NifTK platform.

NifTK is co-developed by members of the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) at University College London (UCL) and The School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at King's College London (KCL). The Principal Investigator is Prof. Sebastien Ourselin at KCL, and the Team Leader is Dr Matt Clarkson at UCL.

If you use this software, please cite this paper.

Not for Clinical Use

This software may not be used for, or in relation to, patient management.

Useful Links


Copyright (c) 2010 - 2018, University College London.

This project is distributed under the conditions of the BSD 3-clause license.


This project was originally funded by the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospitals (UCLH), Innovate UK and the Engineering And Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC).

Supported Platforms

NifTK is a cross-platform C++ library and officially supports:

  • Windows
  • MacOS X
  • Linux