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NiftyNet model zoo

This repository hosts NiftyNet networks pre-trained for specific tasks.

Information about downloading and using each network are available by clicking on the name.

Name Description
dense_vnet_abdominal_ct_model_zoo Segment multiple organs from abdominal CT
ultrasound_simulator_gan_model_zoo Generate simulated ultrasound images at specified poses
highres3dnet_brain_parcellation_model_zoo Brain parcellation from T1 MR images
anisotropic_nets_brats_challenge_model_zoo Brain tumor segmentation with anisotropic nets
mr_ct_regression_model_zoo Estimating CT from MR using an adaptive sampling strategy
autocontext_mr_ct_model_zoo Estimating CT from MR using an autocontext model

See also the NiftyNet project page.

NiftyNetModelZoo is part of an automatic download system. You don't need to clone this project.

Please report relevant issues/feature requests to the main repository.