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TuxOnIce's userspace user interface appeared in 2.1.7 as a "Possibly broken
developer option". It allows you put the user interface of TuxOnIce into a
userspace process which offers a great deal of flexibility as to what can
be done.

To get things going, you'll need the following:

 - A TuxOnIce enabled kernel with tuxonice_userui enabled either as a
   kernel module or compiled into the kernel. Versions since 2.1.9 or
   thereabouts have it compiled in unconditionally, so you need not worry about
   selecting it.

   If you have fbsplash compiled into your kernel, you will be able to get the
   verbose splash screens for higher console levels for added eyecandy, but
   this is not required.

 - The userspace UI sources. These are available from the download page at
   http://www.tuxonice.net/downloads/ under the "Userspace UI" section. You can
   also get bleeding edge code from the subversion repository:
     svn checkout http://svn.tuxonice.net/tuxonice-userui/trunk tuxonice-userui

 - For TuxOnIceui_fbsplash - a suitable fbsplash theme. See
   http://wiki.tuxonice.net/UserUI/Themes to grab one you like.


1. If you are running a version of TuxOnIce patch where userui is a module,
   ensure the tuxonice_userui module is loaded.

2. Download the userui sources from the website, extract the tarball, compile
   by running "make", and install with "make install".  This will create
   tuxoniceui_text and tuxoniceui_fbsplash and install them into
   /usr/local/sbin by default. The fbsplash module will only succeed in
   compiling if you have all the relevant libraries and dev files (libpng,
   libz, libjpeg, freetype2, lcms and libmng-1.0.5 or later).

3. In your hibernate script, put the path to the tuxoniceui_text or
   tuxoniceui_fbsplash binary into /sys/power/tuxonice/user_interface/program.

4. [This step is somewhat optional - if you omit it, you simply will not have a
    user interface for the first portion of resuming].
   Add the tuxoniceui_text or tuxoniceui_fbsplash binary to your initrd image
   and set your initrd script to set the user_interface/program path
   appropriately (if it is in a different location in the initrd image).

5. [This step for fbsplash only]
   Download your favourite fbsplash theme (see
   http://wiki.tuxonice.net/UserUI/Themes). Extract the tarball into
   /etc/splash, and create a symlink called /etc/splash/tuxonice to point to
   your preferred theme. For example:

        /etc/splash# ln -s debian-black-suspend2 tuxonice

   would set your theme to debian-black-suspend2.

   If you want to see the splash for the first portion of resuming too, you
   will need to put this theme into the initrd too.

6. Login on a console as root, and run "/usr/local/sbin/tuxoniceui_fbsplash -t"
   (or tuxoniceui_text) to check that everything goes to plan. This runs the
   user interface in test mode. If it doesn't work here, it's unlikely to work
   when suspending.

7. Hibernate!

Please report any bugs to either the suspend2-devel mailing list or