A web-service that allows users to host and play live-action games of Assassins.
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A client + node server made to host and run games of KAOS/Assassins. Developed primaraily for use with the Williams College version of KAOS (Killing As Organized Sport).

#Client-Side Construction#

  • LESS/CSS Styles
  • Bootstrap
  • Jade Templating
  • jQuery

#Server-Side Construction#

  • Node
  • ExpressJS Routing
  • MongoDB
  • Email.js

#External Services#

  • Cloudinary (Photo Hosting)
  • MongoLab (DB Hosting)

#Usage Info# You'll need Node and a Mongo database. If you choose not to use the Cloudinary API, you must remove all references to it in server/router.js. Otherwise, modify all references to Mongo URI's, EmailJS servers, and Cloudinary servers to apply to your particular case. These references are found in app.js, server/router.js, and server/db/database.js.

Simply call node app while in the KAOS directory to run the server.

#Credits# Created By: NigelMNZ