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3rd palce solution to Traveling Santa 2018 - Prime Paths

Code is a real mess, that is not how you should use branches... Still I don't think I will ever clean it, so will just give hints how to use this mess. Will do that by giving examples how to run it for every stage I listed on my kaggle post. You may have troubles running it on Windows because of gettimeofday (comment it out maybe..).

First stage:

I will just provide one of my .par files for LKH. Something like this with maybe different seed and multiple reruns and changes to PATCHING MOVE_TYPE params gave me my raw score.

Second stage:

  1. Switch to master branch.
  2. Make sure to have cities.csv and .cand file in the same directory.
  3. Comment 'readTourSubmission(argv[2], tour)'. Oh shame on me...
  4. gcc -Wall -O3 -lm -lpthread main.c
  5. Run with './a.out out9.proc submission.csv submission.csv 2 100 197769'. Arguments: raw TSP, submission.csv to continue from, output submission.csv, number of threads, timelimit seconds, CycleSize.
  6. To restart you may want to undo step 3, and maybe change itK in code.

Third stage:

  1. Switch to pure_gain branch (don't question the name).
  2. Same as first stage
  3. Compile as in a first stage
  4. Run with './a.out out9.proc submission.csv submission.csv 2 10 1000 10'. Arguments same as in a first stage but last one is maximum K for opt to look into.
  5. Here I would often find myself changing 'datas[i]->pureGainLimit = -1;' to someting like 0, -3. Shame on me for not having it as argument.

Fourth and fith stage:

  1. Switch to gpx branch.
  2. Apart from files for other stages you will need .tsp file here
  3. Sudden switch to C++ to incorporate GPX2 code, run make
  4. Run with './a.out submission.csv submission.csv submission.csv 2 0.1 1000'. Instead of raw TSP for first argument here I have some other submission.csv I wanted to get additional candidates from.
  5. Here I will change often pureLimit[] variable with is basically 'The positive gain criterion' for different K in opts. Also number of kicks in 'for (int kick = 0; kick < 11; kick++)'. And maxStep minStep at the same place to kick at smalled or larget chunks of tour.