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Simple neural network library and web-based recognizer of hand drawn Unicode symbols.
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Marek's Unicode Symbol Recognizer

Mausr is a neural network library written from scratch and used for recognition of hand written unicode symbols. The library is relatively general and written with emphasis on datastructures, and extensibility (and maybe a little of performacne, too :).

The main reason behind this project was my personal interest in neural networks. I decided to create unicode symbol recognizer because I often find myslef googling for an unicode symbol and it takes too much time.

Author: Marek Fiser < >

Running instance:

License: The MIT license, see LICENSE.txt for details.

Main features of neural net library

  • Basic neural network layout with input layer, output layer, and any number of hidden layers.
  • Extensible neuron activation function, stadnard sigmoid function implemented.
  • Extensible net cost function, standard logistic regression cost function implemented.
  • Extensible gradient based optimization algorithms with visual and algorithmical tests, implemented four:
    • Basic gradient descent,
    • Gradient descent with momentum, and
    • RProp+ algorithm.
    • iRProp- algorithm.
  • Back-propagation learning algorithm.
    • Efficient, vectorized, and paralellized implementation.
    • Regularization implemented to avoid overfitting.
  • Contains around 25 unit tests that ensure correctness of core components of training and evaluation algorithms.
    • Also contains simple visual tests of optimization algorithms to ensure expected behavior.

Main features of web interface

  • Search for hand drawn symbols using canvas.
  • Interface for neural network settings and training.
    • Includes real-time visual feedback of traind and test validation erors using signal-r and google chart API.
  • Interface for training of new symbol drawings.
  • Interface for approving anonymously submitted trainng data.
  • Database for storing symbols, drawings, and users.
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