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HiGrow Plant Monitoring Sensor + Munin server
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HiGrow Plant Monitoring Sensor + Munin server


HiGrow sensors send data to server app and then Munin collect graphs.
Firmware basen on this -
Server writed with GoLang and Munin plugin writed with bash.

How to install this app

  1. install golang
  2. install mos tool -
  3. Edit mos.yml:
    1. set higrow.deviceId and
    2. set wifi.sta.ssid and wifi.sta.pass
    3. set wifi.sta.enable to true
  4. edit fs/init.js - change server IP
  5. compile and flash firmware
  6. go get -u
  7. build and run server
  8. edit - change server IP
  9. copy to /etc/munin/plugins folder
  10. restart munin-node
  11. enjoy :)
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