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GitHub release Developer Lisense


How many stars I got yesterday? What is the total stars number I got right now? Or, did someone follow me these days?

As a practice of developing osx/cocoa, I try to achieve the above needs in Gitee. Gitee is a status bar application in osx platform. It updates data from Github periodically. Now gitee supports:

  1. Show the number of total stars, followers and notifications on the status bar.

2. Basic informations about Github, like avatar, contributions and so on.

3. A pie charts which shows the starzagers of your repositories. You can adjust the least minimum starzagers number in settings. Try to choose repository to open its homepage in browser.

4. A bar/line chart which shows the trends of your followers or starzagers of repositories. Selects the content of charts from pop-up button on the top. Also, you can change the the unit of time in the radio group. The bar/ line chart is drawn in wkwebview by [e-charts](

5. A list of [trendings from Github](

6. Notifications from Github. Gitee updates your notifications every 10 minutes by default, and reminds you on desktop as a user-notification for each unread notification. You can mark a notification(or all notifications of a repository/you) as read, or unsubscribe notification thread in notifications tab.

7. Refresh all the contents by clicking the refresh button on the toolbar. 8. Open the settings window by the settings button beside refresh-button mentioned above.

9. Quit Gitee by clicking the quit button on the right of toolbar.


GitHub release