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VSBlockJumper is an extension for Visual Studio that allows you to jump over blocks of code. Available in the Visual Studio Marketplace.



Jumping takes you outside of the nearest block edge (i.e. the whitespace line adjacent to a block). If the cursor reaches BOF or EOF, we jump there instead.


Due to existing keybindings within Visual Studio (and common extensions like ReSharper or Visual Assist), I was unable to provide intuitive default keybindings. I've listed my preferences here, and encourage you to update your keybindings under Tools>Options>Environment>Keyboard

Command Description Keybinding (Default) Keybinding (Ideal)
Edit.JumpUp Jump to the closest block edge above the cursor Ctrl+Num - Ctrl+Up
Edit.JumpDown Jump to the closest block edge below the cursor Ctrl+Num + Ctrl+Down
Edit.JumpSelectUp Jump Up and add to the active selection Ctrl+Shift+Num - Ctrl+Shift+Up
Edit.JumpSelectDown Jump Down and add to the active selection Ctrl+Shift+Num + Ctrl+Shift+Down

NOTE: When assigning shortcuts to these commands, be sure to select Text Editor in the drop down labelled Use new shortcut in: to override existing keybindings within the scope of the Text Editor (Global will not cut it).


Settings can be found under Tools>Options>VSBlockJumper

Setting Description Default
JumpOutsideEdge If enabled, the cursor will jump outside of the block edge (blank line), otherwise it jumps inside the block edge (text line) true
SkipClosestEdge If enabled, the cursor will only jump to the far edge of a block, otherwise it visits every edge of a block false

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