Patching Android Wear devices for use with the G5

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There are some bugs present on most Android Wear smartwatches which prevent them working correctly with the G5.

The only way we could find to fix this problem was to modify the rom of the watch itself. Each watch seen so far requires slightly different handling and so individual guides and packages have been produced to perform the task for each type of smartwatch.

The procedure involves unlocking the bootloader of the watch and applying a patch to the firmware/rom using a custom recovery app. This isn't trivial and will almost certainly invalidate the watch manufacturer's warranty, but it appears to solve the problem well.

To make the process as easy as possible, all of the required files and a PDF guide are bundled together in a zip file called a "care pack"

Watches supported so far, click to download the care pack:

After patching you probably should uninstall / reinstall the xDrip wear watch face to ensure it can fully take advantage of demigod mode.

Any problems, first try rebooting the watch then use the Disconnect/Reset system menu option to reset the watch if that doesn't correct it.

If you get prompted for a manufacturer upgrade and install it then it will undo the patches and there is unlikely to be a patch for the newly upgraded version. If the pop-up is annoying, please contact jamorham and I can find a way to disable it for you.

patch technical information

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