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Processes the official data dump from CCP in to a format which is a little nicer for rails to consume.

Source Trees

Since the ruby version runs cleanly on some tables, but not others (this is related to TinyTDS and my local server version). I have started an implementation in C# using a native MySQL driver to perform the inserts. The ruby logic may be found in /ruby and C# in /C#.

C# Requirements

C# Setup

  1. Open the sln
  2. Done.

C# Execution

  1. Uncomment the appropriate processors in Program.cs
  2. Build / Execute


The ruby code is old and will not work. All of the models are finished here, but cannot be executed (limitation of Ruby / tinytds gem).

Ruby Requirements

  • Local MySQL Instance (v5.0.3 or newer)
  • Remote MSSQL Server Instance
  • Pre-defined mysql database with the appropriate rails schema
  • Pre-defined mssql server database with the CCP data loaded
  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • RVM

Ruby Setup

brew install freetds
rvm 1.9.2@eve_migrator --create
bundle install

Ruby Execution

WARNING: Any tables that are being loaded will remove all current data before loading the new data. Consider commenting out classes that are "good"

be ./process.rb