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           _                 _       
   ____   | |               | |      
  / __ \  | |_    ___     __| |   ___  
 / / _` | | __|  / _ \   / _` |  / _ \ 
| | (_| | | |_  | (_) | | (_| | | (_) |
 \ \__,_|  \__|  \___/   \__,_|  \___/ 
  \____/       A .todo syntax

@todo is a file format syntax created for todo-lists and minimalists.

I created this when making a project and on windows all todo-list programs are bulky, and don't support exporting. So I created @todo, a syntax for .todo files.

Wait, if this is a syntax.. why is it on github?

Good question, I put this on github because when I made @todo syntax, I created a notepad++ language file to support it. I am releasing that along with the languages details.

The n++ user language supports both light displays and dark displays, tweaking may be needed for custom stylers.

To use it, Click the icon in your toolbar that has a lightning bolt coming from an application > click import > navigate to the xml > open. It should now be imported, to use from now on, click Language > look near the bottom for @todo, it will automatically parse .todo files.

Language Semantics

The at symbol (@) signifies a category, currently @todo n++ syntaxhighlighter supports the following: (In no order)

@todo, @done, @soon, @in-progress, @completed, @working, @unfinished, @uncompleted

The hash tag (#) allows you to tag specific words to easily identify them like so:

Created a #language parser for @todo

For headers, put a # before your word like so:

# To be done

For conversion to .md as seen on iConomy simply place 4 spaces before your @tagged lines.


To create comments, all you have to do is use the double-dash (--) or block comments:

  this is a comment