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This Wiki describes the API for the LibreToDo client-server configuration.

All methods shall be available as POST or GET HTTP(S) Methods and return as JSON object about the result. This object always includes the attribute status.

General Server Settings

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Server developers need to make sure to send the correct CORS headers to make sure web clients can access the API as well. Do NOT use cookies for authentication. Each method call which requires authentication has a username and password parameter.


In case of errors, developers can expect the object to identify the problem with an "error code". Example:

    "status": "ERROR",
    "errorCode": "INVALID_PARAMS"

General error codes

  • INVALID_PARAMS The method did not receive the parameter it requires. These problems should be generally fixable by using client-side verification of inputs.
  • SERVER_ERROR The server itself experienced an error. (HTTP 500). If you notice that this error is reproducible, please inform the developers of the server software.
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