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What mudpyl is

mudpyl is a pure Python implementation of a MUD client. The aim is to keep the
core concepts simple, and give the user the ability to fiddle around with it
to suit their needs. Therefore, the core of the client is fairly small and
modular, with simple interfaces between the parts.

Briefly, the more interesting features are:

    * Regular-expression based triggers and aliases
    * Trigger-based and fairly safe line rewriting
    * Macros for almost any keys on the keyboard (including with modifiers)
    * Execute Python in-client
    * Coloured HTML logs
    * Supports MCCP v2
    * Tab-completion based on words already seen
    * Keeps a history of previous commands sent
    * NO strange punctuation-based let's-reinvent-the-wheel programming 
      language included!

Installing mudpyl

Decompress and untar the package file, and from the unpacked directory, run::

    python install

Or, from a shell with ``easy_install`` visible::

    easy_install mudpyl

PyGTK is needed by the gtkgui, which is currently the only GUI avabilable;
Twisted and argparse are also needed. peak.util.extremes (Extremes) is 
required by an optional module.

**NOTE**: mudpyl requires python 2.6.

Running mudpyl

See the file QUICKSTART for a tutorial-style guide for connecting to a MUD.

Author, copyright and license

Copyright Sam Pointon 2007, 2008. The author is reachable at 

The project is hosted at `Launchpad <>`_. Please
report bugs or request features there.

mudpyl is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 or later. See the LICENSE file for
the full terms and conditions.


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