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North American Collaboration Summit

This repository contains Azure Resource Manager Templates that can be used to deploy the demo environment used during the "DevOPs for SharePoint Admins: Concrete Scenarios" session presented at North American Collaboration Summit in Branson (Missouri) in March 2019. It deploys a 5 servers environment: 1 Domain Controller (Win2k16), 1 SQLServer 2017 Server (Win2k16) and 3 SharePoint 2019 Servers (Win2k16).

Deploy Environment in Azure

Session Abstract

In this session, we will demo how SharePoint Admins should be managing their SharePoint farm configurations using Azure DevOPS to automate their Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines. By managing their SharePoint environments with PowerShell DSC configuration in Azure DevOPS, admins can automate the deployment and automate the testing of configuration changes to environments...and ultimately take over the world.

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