FreeRTOS application loader for UEFI on Beagle board
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FreeRTOS application loader for UEFI on Beagle board

Please follow the instructions on uefi with beagleboard on ubuntu using qemu post for instructions on how to setup qemu, edk2 and a few other tips.

Clone edk2 and copy the Include folder which contains headers files needed to compile freertos application.

git clone
cp -r path-to-edk2/MdePkg/Include path-to-uefi_freertos_beagleboard/freertos_test/Demo/OMAP3_BeagleBoard_GCC
cd path-to-uefi_freertos_beagleboard/freertos_test/Demo/OMAP3_BeagleBoard_GCC

rtosdemo.elf file will be generated in the current directory.

Now to compile the osloader UEFI application.

cp -r path-to-uefi_freertos_beagleboard/osloader path-to-edk2
cd path-to-edk2/BeagleBoardPkg

Edit BeagleBoardPkg.dsc file and add osloader/osloader.inf to the bottom of the file i.e. into [Components.common] section.

Below command will generate the needed efi file.

./ -m ../osloader/osloader.inf

osloader.efi should be generated in path-to-edk2/Build/BeagleBoard/DEBUG_ARMLINUXGCC/ARM/osloader/osloader/DEBUG/


  1. OS Loader