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Sublime Text 3 plugin for quick access to PuTTY SSH sessions
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WIN|LINUX license: MIT

QuickPuTTY is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that allows you to save SSH sessions for quick access to them.

Plugin will be useful to those who often use SSH. Works with a free and open-source terminal emulator PuTTY.


The plugin is available on Package Control and can be installed in this way:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + P, then enter Package Control: Install Package (or just ins)
  2. Choose QuickPuTTY in the list of available packages

After installation, you can change encryption keys in plugin settings (looking through all settings may be useful):

Go to Preferences > Package Settings > QuickPuTTY > Settings in the nav-bar.


Create session

  1. Go to PuTTY > New session in the nav-bar
  2. Enter server host/ip, port, username and password (last two are optional)

Edit sessions

  1. Go to PuTTY > Manage sessions in the nav-bar
  2. Edit session data (if you are editing password, do not forget to specify “encrypt”)
  3. Do not forget to save file

Remove session

  1. Go to PuTTY > Remove session in the nav-bar
  2. Choose a session that you want to remove

Warning! Usernames and passwords are stored using symmetric-key encryption (can be easily decoded). Make sure no one can access them.

The plugin was tested on Windows 10 (1809) x64 and Ubuntu 18.04.03. If you have found a bug or mistake, you are very welcome to contact me on or open a new GitHub issue.

You can find the latest version of PuTTY on

Copyright © 2020 Nikita Paniukhin

License: MIT

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