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jQuery DataList

jQuery plug-in inspired by ListNav plugin originally created and maintained by Eric Steinborn will add a slick "letter-based" navigation bar to all of your lists with the proper Bootstrap markup. Click a letter to quickly filter the list to show items that match that letter. The next release of this extension will also add a search functionality that you can bind to your controls.


To understand better what this extension accomplishes - check out this sample page!

Manual Install

Insert into <Head>:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="datalist.css">

Code up your list:

<ul id="myList">...</ul>

Append the search control:

Insert before </body>:

<script src="jQuery-datalist.js"></script>


	initLetter: '',                     // filter the list to a specific letter on init ('a'-'z', '-' [numbers 0-9], '_' [other])
    optionAll: true,                    // Include the ALL button
    optionOther: false,                // Include a '...' option to filter special charachters by
    optionNums: true,                  // Include a '0-9' option to filter by
    removeDisabled: false,              // Remove the disabled elements from navigation items. Does not apply to artificially added elements (optionAll/optionNums/optionOther)
    notFoundText: 'No matching entries', // set custom text for nav items with no content to show
    searchControlName: '',               // Set the search control ID to bind the search functionality to. 
    navigationClass: 'btn-default'		// Set the navigation control classes. EIther default bootstrap classes: btn-default, btn-primary or your own classes



jQuery Datalist extension for Bootstrap creates a letter based navigation for your lists.



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