AnnotationSecurity is a rails plugin which provides a security layer for rails applications. Security policies are set up based on actions and resources and not, as common, based on url patterns.
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Resource Based security for Rails applications

This plugin provides a thin security layer for rails applications. It performs access checks based on a behavioural description of controller actions. Security rules are defined on a resource model which is cleanly separated from your models and controllers.

Installation steps

The security layer is a gem and may be installed using gem install annotation_security.

After installing the gem, run annotation_security --rails RAILS_HOME to integrate the security layer in your rails app. Along with the annotation_security plugin this will add

  • the AnnotationSecurity::Helper in the app/helpers folder of your rails-app. It provides some useful methods to create links and query the security layer from views.
  • example configuration files to setup the security layer under config/security
  • an initializer for the security layer under config/initializer

Where to start

Check out the basic introduction on how to secure your application. In order to get a detailed idea about how things work, have a deeper look inside AnnotationSecurity::ActionController (how to secure your application), AnnotationSecurity::RightLoader (how to setup rights) and AnnotationSecurity::RelationLoader (how to setup relations).

Have a look at the view methods provided by the AnnotationSecurity::Helper as well and at the SecurityContext which is the main entry-point for security related functionality in the layer.


Copyright Nico Rehwaldt, Arian Treffer 2009, 2010, 2013

You may use, copy and redistribute this library under the same terms as Ruby itself or under the MIT license.