Isolate rigs in a single object with custom icon.
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Container Object for Cinema 4D

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This Cinema 4D plugin allows you to collapse complete rigs into a single object and give them a nice icon. The rig can also be password protected.

Container Object

Note: This is open source software. No warranties given. Use at your own risk.
Disclaimer: This object does not prevent anyone with the right knowledge to access or modify your rig.


  • Password Protection (double-click to remove protection)
  • Hide Objects, Tags and Materials
  • Enable/Disable the Checkmark of the Object
  • Set a custom icon for the Container
  • 1-Click convert existing rigs to Containers and reverse

Checkout the Changelog!

Download & Installation

Head over the the releases page and choose the latest release matching your operating system and Cinema 4D version. Extract the downloaded archvie to the Cinema 4D plugins directory and you're done.

Plugins are usually upwards compatible. An R15 build might work in R17, however, if there is also an R16 build, you should assume that the R15 version will not work in R16 and any newer versions. Native (non-Python) plugins are never downwards compatible.


The main language in English. When you downloaded the plugin, you may find additional downloads for a different language. This download contains a strings_xx (where xx stands for the language code) which you can place directly into the plugins "res" folder (where the strings_us folder already is).

Questions, Bugs & Ideas

Please use the Issue Tracker to keep track of any bugs you have encountered, questions that arise or ideas that you have for the plugin or contact me directly.


The plugin source and binaries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (visit the LICENSE.txt file for more details).