Prototype Converter

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Prototype Converter makes it incredibly easy to convert Cinema 4D Python Generators and Python Expression Tags into full plugin objects.

Quickstart Video


  • Source: Drag and drop a Python Generator or Python Expression Tag into this slot.
  • Plugin Name: How would you like your plugin to appear in menus?
  • Plugin ID: Enter your MAXON-issued unique Plugin ID.
  • Get Plugin ID Button: This button will take you to the Plugin Cafe where you can generate a unique Plugin ID to enter into the Plugin ID field.
  • Resource Name: How would you like your .res files to be named?
  • Symbol Prefix: What prefix (if any) would you like to use for your symbol IDs?
    • Tip: Use something long enough you know what plugin it belongs to, but short enough that it's still easy to distinguish individual parameters.
  • Icon: If your script already has an icon associate with it, this will be automatically loaded. If it doesn't, a default icon will be created and assigned. If you have a specific image you'd like to use, click on the ... button and select a 64x64px or 32x32px image file. You will have the best luck if you use a .tif file with an Alpha channel.
  • Plugin Directory: Where would you like your plugin to be created? This defaults to your User/C4D Prefs/plugins/ directory.
  • Mode: What do you want to generate?
    • Resource Files: Just create .res, .h, .str files. If you've updated Your UserData Interface, but don't want to lose the changes you've made to your Plugin code, this is a good option.
    • Resource Files + Plugin Stub: Use this when you're first converting your plugin.
    • Plugin Stub: Use this if you want to make a simple plugin with no interface.
  • Resource Symbols:
  • Indentation: Your code will be automatically reformatted to adopt a standard indentation (tab) style. Python's PEP8 suggests that 4 Spaces be used to represent indents, and thus that's the default.
  • Overwrite: Be careful when using this! This will overwrite any existing plugins in the destination directory. Only use this option if know what you're doing. Any changes you've made to files will not be preserved after an overwrite.
  • File Structure Preview: This portion of the dialog shows what files will be created (White), conflict with existing files (Red), will knowingly overwrite (Yellow) and skip over already existing files (Blue).
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