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Serializable Entity

Convert entity into array or json. Apply JsonSerializable into entity by extending a class.

See my blog post about this here!


Via composer:

composer require niko9911/serializable-entity


You can use this to convert objects statically.

EntityToArray::convert(object $entity ,[, int $recursionDepth = 2 [, bool $throwExceptionOnRecursionLimit = true ] [, bool $replaceValuesOnRecursionLimit = true ]]]): array

Or if you want benefit from implementing \JsonSerializable interface you can extend class \Niko9911\Serializable\Serializable. In that case you will have 3 new methods in your class, toArray, toJson and jsonSerialize.

Example: Using Static Way


// These is just our example entities.
final class Flag
    /** @var string */
    private $mainColor;
    /** @var int */
    private $height;
    /** @var int */
    private $width;
    /** @var bool */
    private $registered;
    public function __construct(
        string $mainColor,
        int $height,
        int $width,
        bool $registered
        $this->mainColor = $mainColor;
        $this->height = $height;
        $this->width = $width;
        $this->registered = $registered;
    public  function getMainColor(): string
        return $this->mainColor;
    public  function getHeight(): int
        return $this->height;
    public  function getWidth(): int
        return $this->width;
    public  function getRegistered(): bool
        return $this->registered;

// It is not mandatory to extend. Only if you want benefit from
// implementing \JsonSerializable and having toArray, toJson methods.
final class Country extends \Niko9911\Serializable\Serializable
    // If you don't want implement \JsonSerializable,
    // but you want methods `toArray & toJson` into
    // you entity, you can add this trait.
    use \Niko9911\Serializable\SerializableTrait;
    /** @var string  */
    private $name;
    /** @var int  */
    private $id;
    /** @var Flag */
    private $flag;
    public function __construct(string $name, int $id, Flag $flag) 
        $this->name = $name;
        $this->id = $id;
        $this->flag = $flag;
    public function getName(): string
        return $this->name;
    public function getId(): int
        return $this->id;
    public function getFlag(): Flag
        return $this->flag;

$entity = new Country('Finland', 358, new Flag('Blue', 150, 245, true));

$result1 = \Niko9911\Serializable\EntityToArray::convert($entity);
$result2 = $entity->toArray();
$result3 = $entity->toJson();
$result4 = \json_encode($entity);

var_dump($result1); // ['name'=>self::NAME,'id'=>self::CODE,'flag'=>['mainColor'=>self::MAIN,'height'=>self::SIZE[0],'width'=>self::SIZE[1],'registered'=>self::REGI,'options'=>[]]]
var_dump($result1 === $result2); // True

var_dump($result3); // {"name":"Finland","id":358,"flag":{"options":[],"mainColor":"Blue","height":150,"width":245,"registered":true}}
var_dump($result3 === $result4); // True


Licensed under the MIT license.

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