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Santase Game Engine

Santase (known as 66, Сантасе, Sixty-six or Sechsundsechzig) is a well-known card game in Bulgaria and also played in Germany.

It is a fast 6-card game for 2 players played with a deck of 24 cards consisting of the Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack and Nine.

Android UI (Mobile Blazor Bindings)

Android version of the game built with Mobile Blazor Bindings is available in the source code.

The game is not published in Google Play Store.

Desktop UI (Windows Universal App)

Santase desktop screenshot

The application is published in the Microsoft Store:

Rules of the game



Build status

Build Status

The code in Santase.Logic library is unit tested with more than 250 tests and is 100% covered.

NuGet package:

Source code requirements

Visual Studio 2017 is required in order for the code to be compiled correctly.

You will need UWP SDK installed to run or develop the UWP UI

Video with creating the initial code (in Bulgarian)