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The social sharing buttons that aren’t shabby

Take a look

See Likely in action on its homepage.

Likely screenshot

Likely supports following social networks:

  • facebook – Facebook
  • twitter – Twitter
  • vkontakte – VK
  • pinterest – Pinterest
  • odnoklassniki – Odnoklassniki
  • telegram – Telegram
  • linkedin – LinkedIn
  • whatsapp – WhatsApp
  • viber – Viber
  • reddit – Reddit


Download the repository code and move release/likely.js and release/likely.css to the desired directory (or likely.min.js & likely.min.css if you prefer them optimized).

Or use npm or Bower:

$ npm install ilyabirman-likely --save
$ bower install ilyabirman-likely --save

Also you can use Likely from CDN:



Link the files likely.css and likely.js from the compiled sources. In place of the each file the minified .min. versions can be used as well.

If downloaded directly:

<!-- Head -->
<link href="path/to/likely.css" rel="stylesheet">
<!-- End of body -->
<script src="path/to/likely.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If installed with npm:

<!-- Head -->
<link href="node_modules/ilyabirman-likely/release/likely.css"
<!-- End of body -->
<script src="node_modules/ilyabirman-likely/release/likely.js"

If installed with Bower:

<!-- Head -->
<link href="bower_components/Likely/release/likely.css"
<!-- End of body -->
<script src="bower_components/Likely/release/likely.js"

Then, create a div with the class likely and list necessary social networks:

<div class="likely">
    <div class="facebook">Share</div>
    <div class="twitter">Tweet</div>
    <div class="vkontakte">Share</div>
    <div class="pinterest">Pin</div>
    <div class="odnoklassniki">Like</div>
    <div class="telegram">Send</div>
    <div class="linkedin">Share</div>
    <div class="whatsapp">Send</div>
    <div class="viber">Send</div>
    <div class="reddit">Share</div>

If you need several Likely widgets on the page, just create another div with the class likely and list the social networks in it.

Using as a CommonJS module

Likely can be used as a CommonJS module, so you can use it within webpack or browserify build systems.

First, install Likely using npm:

$ npm install ilyabirman-likely --save

Then, use it as CommonJS module somewhere in your program:

var likely = require('ilyabirman-likely');

// Finds all the widgets in the DOM and initializes them


You can configure Likely by specifying data-* attributes on a button group or on a button.

Common options

These options can be specified on the div with the likely class (current page URL and title will be used as a fallback).

  • data-url – URL to share and load counters for ( specify the full URL with the protocol – like in – because some social networks don’t recognize the partial one)

  • data-title – Page title

  • data-counters – pass "no" to disable counters (enabled by default)

<div class="likely" data-url="">
    <!-- ... -->


You can set data-via attribute to mention a specific user in the tweet:

<div class="twitter" data-via="ilyabirman">Tweet</div>

With data-via="ilyabirman", the tweet text will include “via @ilyabirman”. Read more about the via parameter in Twitter documentation.


You can set data-text attribute to define a text of the message. Doesn't use data-title.

<div class="telegram" data-text="Check this out">Send</div>


You can set data-media attribute to override a default image and substitute a different one in the Pin Create form. The attribute should be an image URL:

<div class="pinterest" data-media="">Pin</div>

Read more about the media parameter in Pinterest documentation.


You can set data-image and data-description attributes to set up an image and a description accordingly:

<div class="vkontakte" data-image="" data-description="Check this out">Share</div>


You can set data-comment attribute to specify some text that's going to be added to a shared link (on a separate line). Doesn't use data-title.

<div class="viber" data-comment="Check this out">Send</div>

Reinitialize configuration on change data attributes

If you need to dynamically change a widget's configuration, you can re-initialize the widget and invoke the configuration update logic on the Likely instance using the init method.

// Use global object, created by the library
// If you need to refresh the counters, pass the corresponding param,
// but be aware that it will issue xhr calls to all the relevant services.

Accessibility Settings

To make buttons accessible for keyboard navigation and screen readers add tabindex, role and aria-label attributes:

<div class="likely">
    <div class="facebook" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Share on Facebook">Share</div>
    <div class="twitter" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Tweet on Twitter">Tweet</div>
    <div class="vkontakte" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Share on Vkontakte">Share</div>
    <div class="pinterest" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Pin on Pinterest">Pin</div>
    <div class="odnoklassniki" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Like on Odnoklassniki">Like</div>
    <div class="telegram" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Send on Telegram">Send</div>
    <div class="linkedin" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Share on LinkedIn">Share</div>
    <div class="whatsapp" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Send on WhatsApp">Send</div>
    <div class="viber" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Send on Viber">Send</div>
    <div class="reddit" tabindex="0" role="link" aria-label="Share on Reddit">Share</div>

Supported browsers

We support IE 10+, Safari 9+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Likely might work in the older versions too but we don’t maintain the compatibility on purpose.


In version 3.0 the following is going to be changed:

  1. Classes likely-visible and likely-ready will be merged into just likely-ready, so please don't rely on likely-visible to test the presence.
  2. Unrecognized params passed to the services will be filtered out.
  3. Old initialization method will be removed.

There are deprecation warnings implemented in 2.5 for all the above.


Please use the Github commit style. Before pushing make sure the tests are green and the linter does not complain.

npm test
npm run-script check-codestyle

Also, please, add your own tests if you are submitting a feature. Build Status


Release packaging before publishing:

$ npm run release
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