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Collaborative Live Coding Space with support of user-defined languages and WebVR ready 3D graphics

Based on: Virtual World Framework | A-Frame | Ohm language | OSC.js | Cell.js and more...
Online at:

To run

npm install
npm run


  • Decentralized network model for A-Frame components and entities based on VWF replicated computation architecture
  • Ohm language driver for sharing user-defined grammars, parsers, tokenisers inside virtual space
  • In browser Code and Properties editor based on Cell.js
  • OSC messaging through OSC relay on the client
  • Avatars (Simple and GLTF models with animation)
  • Multi-window or multi-monitor/multi-machine setups with view offset cameras
  • WebRTC for video/audio streaming, 3D positional audio support
  • GearVR, Windows MixedReality motion controllers ..