2. Deck and Collection Editor

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Deck editing

result action
add / remove 1 card
Drag-n-drop the card to deck area (bottom area of the window) or
click the card using Right / Middle mouse buttons
drag from main deck and drop to sideboard

drag the card to sideboard tab header

drag-n-drop cards between different open tabs

drag the card to a tab in window header

create a new tab while draggig

dragging card to + button in window header

add / remove 4 cards Ctrl + drag-n-drop or Ctrl + Right / Middle mouse click
switch between main deck and sideboard

Use main deck / sideboard tabs


Collection editing

result action
add / remove 1 card from collection Alt + Right / Middle mouse click
add / remove 4 cards from collection Ctrl + Alt + Right / Middle mouse click
observe cards in collection

Filter search result by cards from Collection. You may may want keep a separate tab just for this - displaying collection cards.


Sample hand, Draw and Mulligan simulation

To see what your hand would be with current deck use sample hand tab. You will see the buttons

  • new hand shuffles the library and deals you 7 random cards
  • mulligan shuffles the library and deals you N-1 random cards where N is current hand size
  • draw adds 1 random card to your current hand

Deck editing commands such as adding / removing / reordering cards still work in sample hand tab. Combining card removal with middle mouse click with draw button you can simulate your hand content within the match.


Selecting card text in Search result

Ctrl + A selects all text in a hovered field. Useful to select some text not fitting into field area.

When selecting text in small fields hold Alt to suppress showing Sort and Search buttons over text. It also suppresses tooltips.

Press Esc or click on non-text area within search result to remove text selection. Useful if you want to Ctrl + C your deck into cliboard instead of currently selected text.

The texts on tooltips on card text are also selectable. This is helpful when the field is small or the text is too long.

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