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A footage logging system for Blender VSE
Download and manual :

What can it do ?

Derushing tons of footage, adding tags, 3-point editing.


When you pick a clip from a folder, easy logging brings it to an editing table where you can choose its IN and OUT points and define some tags.

Where is it ?

In the video sequencer

List of functions


  • import clip : imports the clip directly from the file browser to your sequence. If the clip has been logged, it is imported already trimmed.
  • edit clip : imports the clip from the file browser to the editing table.
  • Local edit : uncheck if you use a dual-screen system. One for the normal sequence, one for the editing table


  • edit clip : imports the clip from the file browser to the editing table.
  • in : defines the starting point of your clip
  • out : defines the end point of your clip
  • set in&out : defines both in and out accordingly to the length of the active strip
  • add tag : adds a tag strip to the clip
  • place : places the logged clip back to your main sequence
  • as meta : ask for the clip to be packed as a metastrip (in case you added some other element in the editing table)
  • back to sequence : brings you back to the main sequence


  • Build tag-scenes : Create one scene for each tag with all the related video pieces inside
  • Delete the tag-scenes : Remove all the tag-scenes
  • Create new log-file Create a new metadata file and keep the current one in a folder located in your root directory