My test projects to learn new .NET Ecosystem as of 2017.
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DotNet Core Demo

This repository contains projects for exploring the features of DotNet Core. It was stared as part of a demo for community event. Along with Core features, we extended it to explore new and upcoming technologies like Docker, Azure Container Services, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

There are mainly two projects which are used for exploring container related technologies.

  • coremvc
  • corewebapi


This is a ASP.NET Core MVC website. It has a simple UI to search for values using a key. The key store can be inmemory list or a collection returned from a web API.


This project provides an API to return a collection of predefined values.

These two projects are then used to play around with container technologies including Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

Run and Scale apps using Docker Swarm in Azure Container Service (ACS)

Refer to Azure Docker Swarm for details on how to run the application on Microsoft Azure cloud. It uses Azure Container Service (ACS) with Docker Swarm as Orchestrator. At the time of this writing ACS works with an older version of Swarm and not the Docker Swarm mode available in latest version of Docker. It runs as a standalone master.

The same services can also be run on a full fledge Swarm cluster. Refer to Azure Docker Swarm Mode for more details.

Run and scale apps using Kubernetes

This is currently work in progress. Updates will be available soon.